Tuesday, December 8, 2009


2009 has being a year full of hot messes, chaos and lots of scandals! This stories topped the tabloids and news this year.. Check out my pick.

HOTTEST MESS OF 2009: Kanye West VS Taylor Swift
This could be the most stupid thing he could do because he destroyed his image. I dislike Kanye West after this and i don't care if Taylor Swift is overrated with her multiple nominations and awards but this was something that a human being shouldn't do. Oh wait..i forgot Kanye West is a gorilla. :)

2ND PLACE: Rihanna VS Chris Brown
3RD PLACE: Miss Panama's contest: Realmente Confucia.
4TH PLACE: Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards.
5TH PLACE: Tiger Wood VS His wife.



riquemel said...

ey man que cool tu blogg!. felicidades! =D

CaesarBrutus said...

I Agree with you! Kanye is the biggest hot mess of the year! hehe

James said...

very cool list...im sure in like close 6th and 7th were Michael Phelps does drugs and michael jacksons wrongful death...

Saadi said...

Wat abt Miley Mania?! Oh no...tht's just a mess! :p

Hahahaha!! Btw...i thought Kanye ws a chimpanzee...ur insulting gorillas...they're known to be very intelligent though primal creatures!