Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweet December.

Hello guys! I hope you all had a great weekend just like mine. I dunno if i've told you HOW MUCH I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It's my favorite holiday along with Halloween (oops!). Here in Panama, the weather is full of sunshine and nice winds.. Oh dear God, i love december.. it's the best month in the entire year (along with June becuz of my bday haha).. but the sensation and feeling i have right now is just perfect. There are so many things i adore about Christmas (Check out the poll below the chatbox and VOTE!).. but the thing i love the most is spending time with my family and friends. I'm so thankful with God because my family is so united and amazing.. and i couldn't ask for anything better than that!

This month is full of activities aswell.. Right now.. (ovations, please...) I'M ON VACATIONS, BITCHES!!!!!!!! Finally, i'm out of college and just ended my very first year in college and i couldn't be any happier because i've found amazing new friends which i consider them part of my cream of the crop list ;) I'm on vacations until January 18th..I'm so scared of my 2nd year in college but i know i will do great!! Also, tomorrow is Mothers Day here in Panama, and on wednesday i'm so attending to DJ TIESTO'S CONCERT here in Panama.. i'm so fuckin excited! So yeah.. this is an excelent month. Thanks God.

I hope you're all having lots of blessing, nice days and off course a good vibe. Love you all.


patsyy! said...

amo navidad es una epoca muii lindaaa <3 y amoo tambn q falte poco para miii bday :)

ArleS said...

I've to say it dude, December is the best month of the year, I love it more than my birthday's month hahahaha.. (it's not december FTR) it's full of joy and quality time with the people you love, and also it's a great season of the year to have new stuff or to get the family together :)