Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BEST OF 09: Movies/TV Series

I'm a humongous fan of movies and TV series.. and this year has been a good year for those industries and i'm not dissapointed with the results. Check out my pick.

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: My Sister's Keeper

Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva were the best trio this year. The eleven year old Anna Fitzgerald seeks the successful lawyer Campbell Alexander trying to hire him to earn medical emancipation from her mother Sara that wants Anna to donate her kidney to her sister. She tells the lawyer the story of her family after the discovery that her older sister Kate has had leukemia; how she was conceived by in vitro fertilization to become a donor; and the medical procedures she has been submitted since she was five years old to donate to her sister. Campbell accepts to work pro bono and the obsessed Sara decides to go to court to force Anna to help her sister.

Reference: IMDB.

2ND PLACE: Avatar & The Ugly Truth
3RD PLACE: The Twilight Saga: New Moon
4TH PLACE: Wolverine & The Hungover
5TH PLACE: Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Glee is deff the best TV series of 2009, not only for the amazing ratings but also because the good plot, acting, and musical numbers. This is deff the spin that TV had to do after so many stupid dramatic series.

2ND PLACE: The Vampire Diaries
3RD PLACE: Lie To Me
4TH PLACE: Khloe & Kourtney Takes Miami
5TH PLACE: 90210 & Melrose Place



Anonymous said...

Man, this list sucks, sounds like de top 5 gay movies of the year

CaesarBrutus said...

avatar hasn't premiered here yet... so... not sure about that... my 1st place has to go to New Moon (of course). My Sister's Keeper is a great movie, really!

Potter also agree to make it to the list of best movies of 09...

what about Sandra Bullock's The Proposal?


have a good night my friend. I'm tired :)

Karencilla said...

hey no he visto my sister's keeper pero dicen que está muy buena y tengo el libro asi que voy a leerlo!

Karencilla said...

hey josh, yo creo que debiste poner en la lista Inglourious Basterds. Esa pelicula se lleva 5 estrellas en trama, contenido, edicion, actuaciones y puesta en escena. Y me atreveria a decir que es la mejor de Tarantino, despues de Pulp Fiction.

bb said...

estoy de acuerdo contigo en la lista de las tv series PERO Melrose Place!!!! yosue porfavor esa serie si sockea!! jajajajaja

Saadi said...

Whoaaa.....u got Wolverine up there?! Seriously?!


N yea...Glee is definitely great bt i think the top spot goes to Supernatural! :D