Sunday, August 2, 2009

MUST-VISIT: Casco Viejo!

If you are Panamanian you should be thinking "Damn, this place is so overrated.. bla bla bla" but if you're not Panamanian you would deff value every single piece of this diamond God has given to this beautiful country: Casco Viejo. I woke up so early today because i had to shoot some scenes for my next short film with my friends (Actually one of my final exams for next week! teehee). We start shooting on Casco Viejo and I've never been there so early 'til today.

I really don't regret waking up so early because despite the idiotic heat, the environment was BRILLIANT! Casco Viejo is Panama's old city and you can deff enjoy all the historic and beautiful architecture, museums, nice restaurants. It's actually the main touristic spot on these days here in Panama.. It's one of the best scenarios for photoshoot, filming and everything related with arts. Also, i was lucky because today was the Flea Market (Yeah, Liz.. i remembered you in there) and it was cool.. lot's of great articles!

-Panamanian pals: You should try to value more our cultural spots.. You should try to go early (8:00am) one day. YOU WON'T REGRET!
-Foreign pals: You MUST-VISIT this place when you come to Panama! :)

I leave you with a great website for you to get more into Casco Viejo.. I hope you come here and visit.. I'm sure it won't dissapoint you!! CLICK HERE!


CaesarBrutus said...

i've been to many places with so much history and awesome buildings and architecture. U should come to europe to film :) i want to see a short movie of yours :) hehe

my weekend was fine. how about yours?

Liz Moreno said...

hahah TOLD YOU! yo amo ese lugar, es una atmosfera completamente diferente, te hace tomar mas conciencia cultural y valorar la historia y los patrimonios nacionales, en fin es mi lugar favorito,
espero q vayamos a algun flea market, should be so much fun! ahora q los haran cada domingo!!! =)
o un dia para fumar hookah hahaha muaaa
great notee babe

Melissa said...

Holaaa =) sii el casco viejo y el causeway son dos lugares que cada vez que voi me dejan como un feeling de tranquilidad. Aiii yo pense que en Panama no hacian flea markets you get great stuff and with a cheaper price. I liked the pictures