Sunday, August 2, 2009

MUST-EAT: The Best Combo EVER!

Hello guys, hows your weekend doing?
I've been thinking about this since i was a little boy.. This is something you MUST EAT BEFORE DYING. As we know McDondald's has the best french fries on earth, KFC the best chicken and Burgen King the best burgers (in junk food zone, off course)..

You should try one beautiful sunday morning like today and decide going to all this three junk food restaurants and just buy the piece i'm telling ya'll and then mix it and EAT YA SHIT! When you do it please contact me and tell me about your food-orgasm, ok? :)


Anonymous said...

Hiiii, ure a copycat I have thought about that a bunch of times, well when im very hungry xD, I think we talked about that with Michelle once.

Daniela Cullen said...

jaja más que food orgasm es cuéntenme cómo les fue en el baño!!!