Monday, August 3, 2009

MUST-HEAR: Sonohra!

Sonohra is an Italian bro-duet (Diego & Luca Fainello). They were the winners for the 2008 edition of the Festival of San Remo. They started playing in bars covering huge artists like Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and B.B. King in their hometown Verona, Italy. After winnng the Festival of San Remo they became super famous in Italy and won Best New Artist in TRL Awards in Italy. They released their debut album Liberi Da Siempre.. Their first single 'Love Show' was a huge success in Europe aswell as the 2nd single 'L'Amore'.

Also they won in the categories Best Band and Best New Act in the italian Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards and in the MTV Europe Music Awards they were named in the category of Best Italian Act.
This year they released the spanish version of Liberi Da Siempre called Libres and it has been such a major success in Latin America and Europe. Their single 'Besos Faciles' (Love Show spanish version) has received extremely positive reviews and airplays in Panama. Their 2nd single is 'Buscando El Amor' (L'Amore spanish version) and the song is just a MUST HEAR.. It's one of the best ballads i've heard this year. The genre they play is a very pop/rockish sound, similar to The Jonas Brothers but maybe deeper.


I leave you guys with the song 'L'Amore', their 2nd single. ENJOY!

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Daniela Cullen said...

Siempre me haces quedar que no me pueda sacar de la cabeza las canciones!! nananana Me encantó.