Monday, August 3, 2009

Shopaholic = Sickness?

Hello, i hope you're having a good monday. I skip college today :)
I've been thinking about this whole shopaholic thing (not talking about the movie so don't get me wrong). I consider myself a Shopaholic because i can't posess an amount of money in my wallet without thinking how to spend it. I just can't save and that's wrong.. Although i think i'm controlling myself a lot comparing a few years ago with the actual scene.
Do you think it's a mental sickness? Like a lack of self-control or something?
I know it can be treated with shrinks and with AA-like groups, so if you think you're OVER THE TOP why don't treat it?
I'm not over the top, but i would like to stop thinking about how to spend my money.. that's all.


Ana Carola! said...

ok..kiero saber pork he sido elegida para hablar acerka de este tema?!
jajaj..ok primer pasoo: admitir k tengo un problema!..(aunk io no necesariamente kreo k es un problema! =P) siiii soi una pobre maniatica compulsiva de las compras y ke!
LO AMO! y si talvex se trate pro no prentendo hacerlo!..lo siento comprar me hace felix! --> =D
y yo c ke a ti tambn!.. jajaj I FNK KNOW U! .. asi k el unico grupo ke pienso deberia unirm es el d a/a.. y eso sta n duda!
jeje Love Ya!

CaesarBrutus said...

i suffer from a disease called buyers remorse... hehe.... after I buy something I feel bad because I could have saved the money for more important things. If I had more money I believe I'd become a shopaholic :P still I know how to save :)

Melissa said...

Buenoo I consider myself very impulsive when it comes to buying things. Specially bracelets =) and shoes =). I cant help it. I feel like I need to have it for a future ocation and at the end the things I bought impulsively really work out for the best ! So its okkk joshh, ure under control ,jeje !

Liz Moreno said...

cuando estaba mas chica si tenia claro el habito del ahorro, ahora no me duran ni 100 en un solo dia..I kno thats sooo BAD! pq no estoy teniendo responsabilidad y cero valorizacion monetaria...pero es q cada vez q veo algo q me ENCANTA, no me puedo resistir...hahahah y si no me alcanza con lo q tengo busco por todos lados, vueltos q tengo tirados porla cartera, carro, mis papas hahaha
yo creo q todos tenemos ciertas hormonas de a good way =)