Saturday, August 1, 2009


I think that today is the 'I'M KIDDING YOU, JOSH' Day.. I'm still waiting for someone to call me and tell me that this day is a joke hahahaha. It's been said that Pope Benedict XVI will release his album this Christmas.................................. yeah, i'm SO not joking.

His album will be called Alma Mater signed with Geffen Records. The Pope is working with The Choir of the Philharmonic Academy of Rome and there will be 8 tracks (prayers) on his album.

Ok, can somebody call Obama and tell him to record his album, too? Thanks :)


Miss Adore said...

I've always told my friends I don't want to die without seeing everything in life.
And right now, I feel like dying.

Yeap, I think I've seen EVERYTHING!

Melissa said...

omg...this is MADNESS, madness ive said xD.

HVR said...

Well, Pope Benedict XVI is not the first one in record an album. His predecessor: John Paul II, the great communicator, trained actor, vanquisher of communism, acclaimed poet and celebrity pontiff. Also record an album, named Abba Pater.