Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Children = Demons!

Yesterday, I was talking about this topic with my mom because my lil sis K (9 years old) best friend is a fat sweet girl called Isa. Isa seems to be a little sad lately because some children in their classroom are mean with her fatness and mocks her everytime. I think it's dreadful because this is the very THE USUAL STUFF. Do you have any idea of how many people out there including serial killers, kidnappers or rapists are hugely influenced by their school ghosts?

We should stop this.. parents and teachers are very guilty in this case because many of them KNOW what's happening and don't mend their evil kids/students. They should teach them in a massive way, how to TOLERATE AND ACCEPT everyone. It's time to make a positive change in the world. Children must be happy, not sad and frustrated.. it would shatter their future in lots of way.
We're all equal in God's eyes.


Mar said...

ohh.. poor Isa. Yeah, I agree with you.

CaesarBrutus said...

Unfortunately she's not alone. And i would mention more the teenage suicide rate and the kids that go to school and kill everyone they find. Cause being bullyed is very damaging to one's life. I was bullyed for being fat as well. I can relate. That brings the person down, very depressed even.

Biby! said...

=(!!! man q hostil! en vdd si los ninos pueden ser bn crueles!!
Gracias a Dios aqui en Panama esos casos no son tan feos como en otros paises.

Melissa said...

Holaaa ! que coincidencia en una clase que tenia hoy estabamos hablando de eso, Pues si, yo pase por eso en algunos años y si no me hubiera rodeado de buenas personas, en verdad no lo hubiera manejado igual. Estoy de acuerdo que al final todos somos iguales en los ojos de Dios =).

Daniela Cullen said...

As usual, I totally argee with you JOsh! Everyone deserves the right to be happy!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said josh. It's always good to stop this mockery of people with differences, we are all different and have defects. Childhood is always nice to remember because it was an innocence that is the only defense of a child.

And because you sent a comment with a sad face? We are missing each other, which goes to?
Miss you, Hugs

Liz Moreno said...

love it!!
muchos niños sufren esto casi toda su vida escular, e inclusive en la secundaria. y lo peor es cuadno le le dicen a la teacher,y ellas no hacen absolutamente nada hahah very sad!
es algo que viene de casa, pero q se debe reforzar en las escuelas.


a way to make our children became into great leaders and more healthy human beings, :)