Thursday, May 14, 2009

MY REVIEW: Eclipse

Eclipse is the third book of the Twilight Saga written by popular novelist Stephenie Meyer. I’m in love with this saga, and mostly I’m in love with Stephenie’s uniquely addictive way to write. Eclipse is a good book overall, the first half is boring, deadly slow and too historically suicidal. The other half was absolutely the opposite in every single way possible. There are SO many events that approaches (I won’t mention them because it’s not fair for my viewers who haven’t read it yet), so I’m giving a very general but at the same time complete review.
Bella Swan addictive obsessive love with Edward gets even sicker and it’s like my imagination can’t control the need of keep reading it. It’s like I’m consuming a little amount of cocaine. At the end of the book you might see that her obsessive love falls down just because it becomes a love isosceles -triangle between a human, a vampire and a werewolf. Bella faces amazing mistakes with her life featuring big decisions to make and at the same time the taste of glory because of her Graduation and maybe a little Marriage coming? OMG SORRY! Hahaha

The way the book ends starved me in a way I can’t explain. I must buy ‘Breaking Dawn’ this week, because now Bella isn’t the only narrator, but Jacob is there two. It would be a different last flavor to swallow. I can’t wait. About the cover, I must say it’s my favorite of the 4 books. The half-broken red ribbon shows the simplicity of life but at the same time how complex it may get any minute. It’s my favorite cover! Personally, I liked more New Moon book, because it’s more real; it shows a dark, painful and genuine side of love. I cried with New Moon, I’m still really glued with it. I can’t wait for the movie to come out this November. Eclipse will be released on June 2010.
What do you think about Eclipse? Have you read it? Would you?


CaesarBrutus said...

I want that book!!!! I'm broke so i still haven't bought it. Stephenie really has a very addictive way to write. I love twilight and New moon. AS you said new moon also made me very sad. The very needy/obsessive love is very powerful and addictive. I didn't like to read that jacob is going to have a bit more of attention. Bella should have her heart only to edward. hehe. Gosh i need to buy the books.

Anonymous said...

en realidad no soy fanatico de esos libros, pero me agrada que estes leyendo algo que te entretenga, yo me limitare a alquilar las peliculas cuando no haya nada mas que ver un domingo en la noche

Melissa said...

Hii,well I havent read any of the books =( , But I saw the first movie and I liked a lot, so yeah cant wait for the one coming up. Sometimes I wish Bella could express more what she feels, I feel she is too shy.

Michi said...

OMG!!! Im sooooo aghhhh! I love these books, cuz its like when u least expect things turn around! and youre like whatt!
Thanks for the spoiler hahah! I cant wait to get my hands on that book n breaking down...though I wished they never end :(

Karencilla said...

I haven't read the second one yet.. ily was so obsess with the twilight saga that i was about to puke to i gave myself a good break. I might read the second one.. but first i got to finish other saga.. i have no idea of what to do hahaha

I prefer New Moon Cover..but Eclipse's is nice too

Justin R. Wright said...

Breaking Dawn is really good

How are you, gorgeous?

Daniela Cullen said...

joSH!! TQM TOO!! Qué genial que ya hayas acabado el libro, no puedo esperar a que leas el final de la saga, a ver que te parece, espero que no quedes decepcionado porque a mi me encantó (pero creo que mi opinión no vale mucho en eso,¿cierto?). Jajaja los spoilers...I could give you whatever spoiler you like, I can even tell you how Esme met Carlisle (and that doesn't appear on the books...), well... everything!! LOL

Cuídate mucho Josh!! Por ahí escuché que hay más casos de la porcina en Panamá, a usar tapabocas!!!

Emmett hugs for u!!

william. said...


Justin R. Wright said...

Sorry for not responding very often! Your comments usually don't warrant a response but they're always quite sweet. Thank you.

I'm sorry to hear about your lonliness. Sometimes it's worth it to feel alone rather than the constant battles you must fight while in love. Something to think about considering the vibrant young soul you are.

Good luck with school, man!