Sunday, May 17, 2009

Padre Alberto Cutie STUPID SCANDAL!

I don't get all this shit.. Alberto Cutie (which is a famous catholic priest due to his TV/radio shows) was busted last week kissing a woman in a caribbean beach (fresh meat for idiotic tabloids). It's suppoused that catholic-priests "commitment" should be all straight and almost perfect. I don't see ANYTHING WRONG in this whole stupid drama. He's a man and the bible says that we are able to love God and others.. it's NOT forbidden to love a woman/man while you're serving the lord..

Some of the things he talked about in his declaration was: "If love is a real feeling, why must it be held back?..I believe I can serve God outside of the Catholic Church's Structure.. There is no crime here. [Is there] guilt? Do I feel bad or horrible? No! I am a man. Under this cassock there are pants!".. AND I ABSOLUTELY SOPPORT HIM! Alhtough it's true that maybe if he didn't feel capable of dealing with that pressure, he should have quit it before the "mistake" was done, but anyway he got all the rights to love and be a normal man in this world.. These are one of the things i dislike about my "religion". I think this whole Padre Alberto issue will change the perspective of Catholics, or at least i hope so.

The truth is lately, i'm trying to keep my own religion.. just be truth to God/myself/my family, trying to doing what's right and accept him as my saviour. I leave you with the first interview he realized after his scandal. What do you think about this polemic topic?


CaesarBrutus said...

It's religion stuff. Old rules of the Church, and not rules of GOD! Man was created to love and be loved in all shapes and forms. Why can't priests do as they preach?

btw: thanks for the visit and comments my friend. My blog has been very eurovisioned this last week (which was awesome because it gave me 600 views a day!). How are you my friend?

Karencilla said...

God didn't create man to be alone, that's why we women exist. I'm not catholic, but sometimes i think about this topic. Chastity is like having a dog tied all the time, once you let it go a little, it will be crazy all over the place and not listening to its master.

Daniela Cullen said...

Yo pienso que el poor del padre Alberto está pagando por un "crímen" que sí cometió, pero por el cual lo están haciendo pagar demasiado caro, están desquitando con él la culpa de toooodoos los fucking padres que violan y hacen no se cuantas cochinadas. Estoy de acuerdo con que los padres son ante todos y ante Dios hombres y que deberían vivir como tal, si se les permite fumar y beber y no sé cuantas cosas más por qué no se les permite vivir en matrimonio o unión libre como en el cristianismo? Por eso es que la gente hoy en día no va a la iglesia, yo creo en Dios, pero no creo en los padres, pastores, etc,la religión la hace uno mismo, siendo fiel a lo que creemos y sentimos. No se necesita ir a misa y que lo bendiga y le perdone sus "pecados" una persona x, con perdonarte a ti mismo basta... eso es lo que yo pienso.

Melissa said...

Hii, well I didnt know anything about that, Now I find out and I feel that the commitment that priest do are very strong and they give up almost everything to serve God. But If he found true love, Why to be ashamed, He can keep living his life,maybe not as a priest, but commited to God and to his woman.