Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This week's Top 8 performances were sick, loved them. The theme was all about the year they were born. Here it goes my top 3.

#1 Of The Night:
Adam Lambert 'Mad World'
I could say that this has been Adam Lambert's best performance ever, for me. It was so touching, vulnerable and just amazing. His vocals were flawless and he DIDN NOT scream or shout this time (as some of my readers think of him.) I loved the blue aura, it reflected a serene plain environment. Just LOVE it! He's so winning this shit. Oh and by the way.. he received standing ovations provoked by no other than, Simon Cowell, yeah.. SIMON COWELL!

#2 Of The Night:
Anoop Desai 'True Colors'
I never liked Anoop so much, but i have to give him credits with his 'True Colors' performance, which actually expressed COLORS with his vocals haha. It was a really good performance, i could say that his best of this season, too.

#3 Of The Night:
Allison Iraheta 'I Can't Make You Love Me' & Danny Gokey 'Stand By Me'
Allison is getting better and better, last week i loved 'Don't Speak' (even tho the judges didnt so much) and this week she did an amazing vocal and visual job with her performance. I'm willing to see her at the final 4.
Danny Gokey did a great new version of the classic 'Stand By Me', great performance, not so great dancing but it was cool!.

Matt Giraud's performance was an epic fail, i guess that the 'You Found Me' addiction stays in there haha. Lil Rounds is so whatever right now, she is NOT unique and copy-pasted Tina Turner even in her walking. Kris Allen did a great job but i can't have more than 3 favorites, sorry. Scott McIntyre is so leaving tomorrow, his performance was boring and not cool. He played the guitar tho, that was his 'Punk Side' PFF hahaha.

Stay tuned tomorrow. We'll check out which will be the Top 7. See ya :)


ArleS said...

hahahahah she's so whatever xD hahahahhahahahahah LOL!
Adam Lambert & Allison Ireheta!

Anonymous said...

adam lambert cautivated me since "I cant get no satisfaction" introduced by arles xdxd <3

Anonymous said...

I'm don't watch this program but i like come to here because of you.

Just remenber
I was here .. hahahaha

and There ..


Josh Diaz said...

@Arles hahaha you're SO anoop xD

@Meli: the right word is 'captivated' xD mua

@Louis: thanks dear friend haha!