Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Cry On Your Bday!

The Hills Season 5 (and Final Season) premiered yesterday with a 2 epidoses-special. It's LC's bday and her friends made a surpirse ocean-party to her. Heidi was uninvited but she featured Stephanie and had a fight with Spencer. Lauren and Heidi cried for hours becuz they missed each other and they're allegadly in good terms now.
Check out the 2 episodes on www.thehills.mtv.com


Meli! said...

llego el dia en que esas dos reinas del drama se arreglaran? que milagro dioss! xD
i soo missed it! x ahi lo vere =).

Josh Diaz said...

jajaja yeah, and they both looked so hot!

JVII said...

dude they so HOT

i saw the 2 eps. they were amazing, plus i cant believe its already coming to an end haha so sad.=(
nice one!

lilm said...

Episode1 was good as eveyone expected. After waiting for 4 loooong seasons L n H showed us a couple tears , and last but not least Spencer Pratt scratching Heidi's walls everywhere..!

Episode 2 goes waaay more exciting as we can see how Heidi sees thru Spencer and his TRUE MANLY COLORS... i mean he is obsess with her and watever feelings hes got for Heidi but boys will always be boys.

Mrs. Montag and im not talkin about Heidi is more than happy she's got her daughter home. Spencer is messing up AGAIN, but the difference IS.... LC IS BACK ON HER DAUGHTER'S LIFE... by the end of the episode u start thinking.. well well well... bffs are gettin back together... Brody/Spencer-Lc/Heidi but if u wait a lil bit more after the credits.. for the season's preview u might get a heartattack or tears on ur eyes like me, The Hills S5 is a rollercoaster.. what's that all about out friend S calling Lc to "Apologize for the past 2 years and tearing apart Heidi from her" COME ON... HEIDI DID THAT HERSELF WHEN JASON WAS MESSING Up LC's LIFE.. LAUREN NEVER PUSHED AWAY HEIDI NOT MENTIONING ALL THE STUPID THINGS HEIDI DID ON S1 LIKE CRASHING TEEN VOGUES PARTY ON LC's 1st ASSIGNMENT, BUT YEAH WATEVER THE PAST IS THE PAST BUT I MUST HIGHLIGHT AND BOLD SPENCER DID BRAINWASHED LC's NAIVE FRIEND HEIDI.
Silly u blondie.. another hypocrite blonde male came along and messed up ur KANSAS/LA LIFE.

AUDRINA whats wrong with her.. what are u doin w/ B, arent u a LOYAL FRIEND all the bs that happenned with Jen and u go this far....and low.

Brody, it seems this guy goes after every Conrad's girlfriends, doenst he? 1st J now A. And he plays the friendship card w/ L. You like to play poker with the girls too...be carefull B, u can't read a girls Poker Face .

Josh Diaz said...

JAJJAJAJA WOW LIL TU COMMENT MAN! JAJAJ LA BOTASTE, deberias ser columnista de The Hills en MTV aw :P