Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I TOLD YA SO, AGAIN! This is the second week right on who's leaving. Thanks God, Scott McIntyre left American Idol, i wish him the best and bla bla bla.. The guys did a surprising and random opening with Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'.. cool.
The bottom three were:
-Lil Round (duh), Scott McIntyre (bigger duh) and Anoop Desai (shocker!). Anoop didnt deserved it. He's leaving next week or maybe Lil.
Oh! and Mr. Flo Rida performed his smash hit 'Right Round', great one! Other performers were Frankie Avalon and Kellie Pickler.

I hung out with my best bitches and had a great time, love ya guys!


Anonymous said...

hiiii :) yeahh we always have a good time together! aunque my indecision hoy fue grande xdxd,i haven't seen american idol in so long
:( ,en que website se meten arles y tu para verlo?
luff ya

Josh Diaz said... :D

Anonymous said...


lilm said...

i never felt him really as an AI, Simon must be .. I TOLD U SO on backstages cause he did.