Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week Break.

Hey guys, i'm not sure if this is an international event, but here in my country The Holy Week is a very important date to think and rewind about all the painful things Jesus did for us. I think it's a time to be in family or friends and share in a healthy clean way. I think we shouldn't just be thankful with Jesus in this week because it should be a lifetime thankfulness. He gave his life for our sins to be forgiven, and sometimes we just dont give a damn about it. I LOVE JESUS WITH ALL MY HEART, even if i don't show it so oftenly, even if i don't pray/talk to him daily, even if i don't go to church every week, even if i don't do well all the time, even if i keep on doing the same sins already asked for forgiveness. I LOVE YOU JESUS, and i'm not ashamed of it.
THANK YOU, that's all i can really say.

See you guys on sunday, i won't be blogging until that becuz i'm leaving Panama City for this holidays. Have a great week and behave well please! See ya!


rogeR said...

Thanks for all! Espero q todos tomemos esta semana para reflexionar y saber lo q hizo por nosotros..! :D

Ivs said...

no tengo muchos comentarios al respecto ... solo ama a Dios y sabes q para algunos solo es una excusa d vacaciones jajajaj

Meli! said...

Why love him only this week? When we can love him everyday!,I'm just thankfull to always have one more day of life, to correct what I did wrong and spent time with the people I appreciate the most :), he rockss!

Anonymous said...

i agree with u , this days are very important,we should think about how he loves us how he suffered, how he dies for us , in a cross when he can do a lot of things because he is God's Son. he was so humble and followed what his father , our God , said. that's why we must have our heart's door open for him , he is the best friend that never let us go down , he listen us ! that's why i fell in love with him he is the one who bless me every day , every night and even in my dreams !! in conclusion we should think about the things that avoid us to be in grace with him!

Berts! said...

waoo.. bien deep..!
tienes razon nene esta semana deberia ser para pensar y meditar las cosas que hacemos y cmo las hacemos!
stoy de acuerdo cntigo
que te vaya super bien por las tablas..!

JulyM said...

Sip.. tienes razonn este es tiempo de reflexion.. y no de parranda playa etc.. felicidades a todos esos q de vdd celebran la semana santa como debe ser!

Vayan a la iglesia y conviertanse!! dios nos ama a todos!

Anonymous said...

I loved it!
realmente es dificil decir para muchos lo que realmente sienten por este gran sacrificio que hizo El x nosotros.. pero.. por lo menos.. tu y yo.. somos personas totalmente orgullosas de tenerlo presente en alguna parte de nuestro corazon.. ya sea q hagamos los mismos sins o no.. o que simplemente no vayamos a la misa..
lo que el hizo por nosotros.. No es cualquier cosa.. y realmente esta festividad catolica.. es realmente muy importante para nosotros los cristianos.. pues.. compartir, y recordar cada una de lascosas que hizo.. son cositas muy importantespara nosotros!

te luv u joshie.. and sorryi wrote in spanish.. but i dont have enough head to do that now..!

Blankita =)

Rey said...

¿Quienes estarian dispuestos a morir por ti? ¿Sabiendo que al dia siguiente igual lo vas a traicionar?

Sólo Jesus...
Amarlo no es sólo ir a la iglesia, SINO TRATAR A CADA PERSONA, COMO EL LAS TRATARIA.
=) Bleses

PD. "El pescado y el marisco antes no eran lujos, eran comida de pobre, de todos los días, si quieren hacer penitencia... prueben huveo, arbejas y lentejas XD"

OttoW said...

I know how you feel... I'm Catholic and even though I don't go to church every week or pray everyday, I thank Jesus for all he's done for us. Hahah thankfully we have some time to just chill and think about that, down here in Panama... have a nice break bro!!

Joe said...

Yo no soy la persona más religiosa del mundo, pero seamos d la religion q seamos, aunq sea tomemos 5 min para reflexionar, hacer un examn d conciencia y pues tratar de mejorar como personas. No dejemos que el sacrificio de Jesus se en vano.

Liz Moreno said...

I absolutely love the way you express your feelings about G-d no matter what.. if we were been good or bad sometimes, and the important of dailing him anytime. also your idea of writtin somethin about the holly week,... we must spread the Peace, love and Spirituallity in the world everytime we can, almost in ths difficult days, we are all livin in our country. It amaze my soul.
congrats josh!! keep on posting, this kind of stuff, we all need to feed our souls too.

EnmanuelMC said...

Me asombra tu ignorancia..
como holly week no va a ser un INTERNATIONAL EVENT!!!!

Todos los events de la iglesia son international!

anyways bebu.. =]
hahaha te estoy comentando para ke no te kbrees
y no tengo nada k decir sobre hollyweek pq yo no celebro eso.. =]

Isesitax said...

totalmente cierto ... es tiempo para reflexionar y arrepentimiento...pero aki no lo vemos asi sino como unos dias mas para bber btw..jesus vive en ti..i love jesus...

Josh Diaz said...

thank you SO much for your comments, they mean the world to me!
love ya all.

Louis Albert said...

Ohhhh ...
I loved it ...

I coming here to said this:
Queria ter-te conhecido antes
Muito antes...
Para que nenhum de nós dois tivesse
Medos ou cicatrizes...
Queria ter estado contigo
Quando teu coração descobriu
O que era AMOR
Quando teu corpo descobriu
O que era DESEJO
E antes que pudesses sofrer
Eu estaria do teu lado
E juntos poder ter aprendido
As lições da vida e do coração...

I Love U jesus ...!!!!!

Michi said...

Well Josh, I really enjoyed reading this, n I feel the same, eventhough are like things I could improve , its well u understand:)But Im glad u stand for ur beliefs!