Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here I Go.. This "Disco" week was absolutely cool! Perhaps it didn't went so disco tho haha.
We got a lot of good arrangements made by almost every contestant and off course great performances. Here it goes my faves.

#1 Of The Night
Kris Allen 'She Works Hard For Money'
I LOVED this perfomance.. I'm a big acoustic fan and he nailed it so great. The drums were sick man.. vocally very original and flawless, he came with a little Santana mood and he rocked it. This could be his best performance after 'Ain't No Sunshine'. Totally great.

#2 Of The Night
Adam Lambert 'If I Can't Have You'
This was insane.. extremely different from Donna Summer's original version. His performance was brilliant and different, he's always unexcpected and that's what we love about him. No matter if he's gay, drag queen, alien, whatever.. he's winning this.

#3 Of The Night
Allison Iraheta 'Hot Stuff'
She started with a rock edgy mood and arrangement, sitted on the stairs looking beautiful. The judges weren't that into her tonight, but they know she's one of the best singers in this season. She's brilliant. Deff in the finals.

Matt Giraud did 'Stayin Alive' and he meant it haha.. he sang so good but i'm sick of his hat. It was kinda strange at the beggining and almost looked desperate but i liked it. Danny Gokey performed 'September' and he wasn't special, it was the same shit over and over again. I'm sick of his weird shaky dance. Lil Rounds did 'I'm Every Woman' and just as the judges said: she's been every woman but herself.. period. OHH btw her mom is funny as hell haha. Anoop Desai sang 'Dim The Light's and he was AWFUL as his mustage.

Tomorrow 2 contestants are leaving and deff should be: Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. Let's see and wait. Tomorrow David Archuleta will perform so stay tuned :)


CaesarBrutus said...

American Idol has been losing its success after so many years on air. They should stop for a couple of years, and then comeback full force.

P.S: the lily allen photo on my blog it's very similar to the one u say from britney xD

Cheche said...

haha q asco de mustache! lo odio.
detesto a anoop. no lo puedo oir cantar. lo detesto! hahaha
lil.. i kinda like her before but know im not sure.
adam isnt gay :( he cant be! anyways, i adore him no matter what.
love u

Anonymous said...

solo estas celoso del sombrero de matt pq tu tienes uno igual y el lo pull it off mejor ke tu
OH SHIT! love you even tho u like adam lambert <3