Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California's Gay Marriage Fiasco!

Ok, as many of you already know, Miss California made a huge "mess" last sunday @ Miss USA pageant. Carrie Prejean replied to gay judge, Perez Hilton, his question about gay marriage in every state of USA. First, she looked kinda shocked and brainless but then she asumed control and answered her sincere opinion which was: 'We live in a land that you can choose, same-sex marriage or opposite marriage, and you know what.. in my country, in my family i think that i believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there.. but that's how i was raised."

She ended as first runner up, and she just said in TV that her answer cost the crown. I don't see why she has been so criticized.That's her opinion. Isn't USA about freedom? Isn't it about following our own believes? I WANNA BE CLEAR THAT I'M NOT SUPPORTING HER ANSWER. But it's not fair that by saying your honest opinion about a topic, you're now the devil or a bitch. Grow up. Personally, i just believe in true love. Whatever it makes you happy, DO IT.

Here's the video of the "big moment". Tell me what do you think!


Michi said...

omg, thats so stupid, everyones entitled to their own opinion....
por eso nuestro mundo esta como esta.. osea q hay q pensar como todo el mundo o que?
en verdad me parece q es una estupidez, si no les gusto su respuesta no deberian haber hecho la pregunta en primer lugar.

Meli! said...

Well about this topic I'm very open minded, And I say marrie the person that you love and makes you feel complete in all the senses. It's you the one getting married, not other people.
In another insight,I feel she was just being honest and the public eye was expecting to hear what they wanted to hear.

Anonymous said...

si nos ponemos a ver, es verdad lo que dices, perez hilton le pregunto a ella sobre lo que pensaba y creo que fue una pregunta muy fuerte y antineutral siendo el juez gay hizo esa pregunta como si buscara sacar provecho de ello y claro era su opinion y ella la dio, pero tampoco hay forma de demostrar que por "esa" respuesta no haya ganado el concurso y si fue asi seria falta de profesionalismo de parte de hilton.

Rey said...

Well that shows how openminded people are.. If u are openminded enough, you should acept that IS SO STUPID TO BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE SHARES YOUR "OPENMINDED MIND" hahaha i think i say openminded 10 times XD...

Her answer was really polite... But I think that everyone have the right to express their love, no matter the religions, culture or warebish

Cheche said...

my opinion is that we should respect others' opinions no matter what. i know everybody says the same shit over and over, but not all of us apply it to our daily life.
it wasnt faithful that cuz of that answer the judges took some points off.
i am not agaisnt gay marriages. everyone has the right to decide with whom you will spend the rest of your life with. its your own choice and no one should critize u.
btw ive just watched the news on E! :P

CaesarBrutus said...

i agree with you. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion (of course if it doesn't offend directly somebody). She was very polite and she answered the question from her own point of view (cause that was the question, her point of view!!!). Perez overreacted cause he expected an answer he wanted. She didn't say gays shouldn't get married, she said that for her & her family they believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. She could have answered it better... but that's her opinion. I believe that if u love someone one u should be able to get married to that person.

Louis Albert said...

I saw that report, I realized that it was really stupid, And let not mean it VERY WELL TO ALL THAT WAS A stupid when I saw MATTERS, I was indignant at the ANSWER HER BUT finally, she was ALREADY PAST DUE TO CHOOSE A CANDIDATE BY Lack It demonstrates WHY HAVE ONLY BEAUTY, and that blond hair in my opinion says it all about her.

Anyway, this is it.
Take care
I love This post, this is for those acting without thinking.

Tu mami Ana Kriz said...

Man en realidad todos sabemos k en este mundo ablar de la homosexualidad es sinonimo de controversia .. sinceramente kada kien tiene su opinion al respecto ..
Y ella simplement dio su fukin punto de vista .. ajaja es injusto k x eso se le ten exando encima ..
en mi opinion el amor es el amor entre pipi i vagina .. o pipi i pipi o vagina i vagina .. es lo mismo es amorr !:D .. lo ke kuenta es el CORAZON !

jajajaja x ciertoo joshiii io kiero un mejor amigo GAY :( ...
te amooo !

Roberto said...

Sabía que ibas a poner algo del tema jajaja... Bueno, en realidad me dio bukin rabia como se expresó Perez Hilton sobre ella cuando en realidad ella tiene derecho a su propia opinión. Simplemente por el hecho de ella pensar así no debería llamarsele "dumb bitch" (xq así fue q le dijo en el video reply q le hizo él). Si supuestamente debemos ser tolerantes, entonces ¿donde coño está la tolerancia hacia las personas que piensan de esta manera? Me dio como rabia, por que la pelaa taba toda nerviosa, quería ganar, dio su SINCERA opinión y la viene a joder con eso.
jaja xD

ArleS said...

USA a land of freedom.. but only if you do what we want!.. hahahaa

Daniela Cullen said...

Hello josh!! how's everythig doing?? i'm in finals too... and holly crap if they are hard! Did you watch the vid of new moon's set?? it's awesome!! as for the poor lady here... i knew Perez would ask something related to this topic, but seriously, se expressed herself, he didn't ask her to approve gay marriage, he asked her what she thought about it, if she thinks there sould be no gay marriage fine, that's how she was raised, it's sad she didn't win beacause of her answer, i'm sure Perez gave the a big zero for that.

I believe that if two people love each other it doesn't matter sex, religion, age, true love it's all that matters. What i'm terribly opposed to is that this couples adopt.

Mar said...

aaah puesso hablar español? :P yo no soy muy buena pero voy tentar, é mas facil para mim (desculpa se tiver erros). Yo concuerdo contigo. todas las personas tienen derecho a su opinión. (yo debería estar a hablar contigo en ingles, era una manera de treinar y mejorar mi nota a ingles-.-).
"Personally, i just believe in true love. Whatever it makes you happy, DO IT."
Sometimes it's complicated ...
Big kiss!