Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ashley Tisdale 'It's Alright, It's Ok' Music Video

Here it is Ashley Tisdale's 'It's Alright, It's Ok' Music Video which is the first single of her upcoming album 'Guilty Pleasure' due to a June 16 release. She explained that this is a breakup anthem, i love the song. This video was good. She looks amazingly hot but i think that they should have gone a little bit more sacier and crueler, but i guess it didnt happen becuz she's still sticked to Disney. It also reminds me of 'Since U Been Gone'.. don't cha think? Did you like it? So tell me! haha


CaesarBrutus said...

i posted that earlier today :) u should have commented it hehe (just joking). As i say on my post... it reminds me of so what, and has a lot of kelly clarkson vibe to it (video included).
btw the hot as hell comment didn't u mean jessica biel? hehe

Meli said...

hiii, well at the end it reminded me of "since u've been gone" i dont know why somehow it reminds me of hillary duff jaajjaa, when she made like 2 decent songs, but well, i likee it , very "whatever,idont need you"song x)

Areywings said...

Me encanta Ashley ^^ aunque no me gusta HSM jajajaja

espero q todo bien ^^