Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Social Issue: Lack of Authenticity.

Ok, this is a post I’m writing due to some situations I’ve seen my entire life and I felt the need of share it with my beloved readers.
What’s the meaning of AUTHENCITY’?
Authencity is the quality of being genuine or not corrupted from the original.
I’m not judging people imitating others, because that’s preety normal these days (not correct tho) but it’s something we ALL do. We must keep on imitating the RIGHT paths or steps that other humans/animals/aliens invented.

What I’m not sure is about some people COPYING the exact trend or whatsoever from others, and at the time being careless about it. Like WTF... Are you having a CLONE-COMPLEX or what? Like, you should create your own shit instead of copying the exact right stuff about others tho. You have to be really idiotic or brainless to not being capable of invent/create your –thing-you-want-to-copy. This really makes me insane and frustrates me a lot. I just wish Karma’s bitch enough to take care of that situation with theguilty ones.
It’s not that I’m childish; I’m just fighting for my fucking rights and not being copyrighted. Buy a life on eBay or build it in your hairy vagina/dick.


Michi said...

i support the cause! haha mori dizq clone complex XD, well, i guess we have to get used to the "dollys" of the world..gees...

Juliet said...

Mannn!! yo conosco un par x ahi q carece de identidad propia.. pero buenoo.. ah TODOS ELLOS HAY Q MATARLOS.! bye LuV ya!

Meli said...

Hellouuu...wenoo yo a veces hago copy paste ahahah but its like frases that I like xD and thats it, pues si !I agree with u , why to imitate ,when u can create your own thing? Its better ;)

Josh Diaz said...

jajajaja tu siempre de KILLA july xD
and yeah michi, dolly sucks!

Anonymous said...

this from a guy with a fedora,graphic tee, and lady gaga on a playlist?

Josh Diaz said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous! .. is that your name, right? =)

Anonymous said...

no, and it was a needless comment and i take it back. i would delete it if i could.

Ana Kriz said...

i dond dejas los cut and paste ?
jajaaja RANDOM !
man noc en realidad entre mas te imiten MAS MEJOR .. te sientes importantee .. !! apartee tarde o temprano se deskubree el original i el wanna bee ! ..
RELAX .. jajaja nadie imitaa a los ekisess ! ..

Josh Diaz said...

jajajaja como rihanna y su cabello xD love u bitch!

anonymous: i don't get u right now, why so insecure?

ana kriz said...

jajaajaj man no todos vienen a entretener .. pro tratan
aun no saben su posicion en este mundo 1
thats why they do copy paste!!!