Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Kindergarden, B!tch.

I wanna start making clear that I'm NOT a pedophile, at all haha. Just looking at these recent pics makes me wanna be a freakin dad right now, but considernig the circumstances I prefer waiting for the right time.
Right here you can see Suri Cruz (2 years old) snapped eating a cupcake haha, she's so adorable.. I think she has the potential to be the cutest celebrity baby girl right now.
it's just hilarious how the cupcake leftovers in her mouth make me reminiscent of when i was a kid, too.

Another perfect baby snap is the one with Britney's kids: Sean Preston (3 years old) and Jayden James Federline (2 years old). Preston is preety focus playing with his egg, which he'll be probably do a mix for a cake with the whisk above and Jayden James is like watching a cartoon while he's grabbing, very still, the egg with his hand.
Love this kids, I hope in the future they take the right life-direction guided by their famous parents.

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meli said...

awwww =) heyy y los de angelina ? ahaha she has likee 4 , 5 I lost count , it was fun to be baby , u had no responsabilities, well now we dont have much , but being a kid is funn x)
love yaa