Friday, December 19, 2008

Best Of 2008

Ok guys. 2008 has been an amazing year for me because..
1st- I performed in two great plays: "Rythm Makes I Like It More" & "The 7 Balcony Mansion".
2nd- I turned 18'. I got my citizen ID(here in Panama the adult age is 18') and got my driving licence in Halloween!
3rd- It was my senior year so this month I graduated and went in a beautiful Royal Caribbean cruise "The Enchanment Of The Seas" and off course PROM. So I'm READY to be a College-Boy! =)
But it was not only a great year for me but also to many famous people... (all the next categories are chosen by my personal opinion and perception).

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps holds the record for the most gold medals won at a single Olympics with the eight golds he won at the 2008 Olympic Games. He's even considered as the best swimmer EVER, so it's not BS.. this guy HAS TALENT.
I respect him lots because beside all his success, he's preety humble so that's a huge combination that's not easy to handle with that amount of fame.

Britney Spears

Well, many of you should know I'm a huge fan of her, but I'm being totally partial and objective with my choices!
Britney Spears has prove in many ways she's back and better than ever. She started 2008 in hosptial, losing her kid's custody and BAD once again.. but then came her appereance on "How I Met Your Mother", her THREE first ever Moonmen (Vma's) looking hotter than ever, the documental "Britney: For The Record" and a #1 single 'Womanizer' & album 'Circus'. What a way to end the year Ms. Spears. Kudos!

Batman: The Dark Night

"Why so serious?".. that's an unforgettable quote than any person who saw this record-killing & box office kick-ass movie or better -CLASSIC- will never get out of their minds. Batman: The Dark Knight was the sequel of the 2005-released 'Batman Begins'. Many people said this movie should be called 'THE JOKER' because of Mr. Heath Leadger (R.I.P.) show-stealing in this master piece. For me, he did a better job than Jack Nicholson back in 1989. Ledger personified 'The Joker' in a more real, cold and raw way. Christian Bale 'Batman' did a great job too but was too overshadowed by Mr. Ledger.
Fave movie of the year.

Boom Of The Year
Stephanie Meyer's best selling 'Twilight' was released back in 2005. But it took time to be the BOOM, until early '08 when Catherine Hardwicke announced she was going to direct and embody Meyer's #1. I personally read this book in 6 days and I couldn't stop reading it since the day I started, I loved it.

People were totally crazy with the motion picture news and suddenly every single person knew who the hell was Mr. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. This whole 'Romeo&Juliet' vampy version has got into many fans called 'Twilighters', whom had made Meyer richer and richer. That's why this is my BOOM of the year.

Music Of The Year
Katy Perry, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga, Paramore, Metro Station & The Ting Tings

2008 has been a great year for music industry because of many cool artist/band's breakthrough and experience musician with new good stuff.
From the rocky lesbo anthem 'I Kissed a Girl', to the deep 'Viva La Vida' to the electro fashioned 'Just Dance' to the peaceful and loving 'I'm Yours' this year has been a prove of uniqueness, originality and new power. Enough of Rihanna... she's too overrated.. girl take some vacations PLEASE!


Karencilla said...

THANK GOD somebody agree with me about Rihanna... I don't hate her but I'm so sick of her..

Love Phelps, hate his new girlfriend.. total b*tch... I'm sorry but is so obvious that he was needy.

Nadia Hearts Music said...

Nice blog you have here Josh!

Josh Diaz said...

Thanks Nadia!

Rogelioo said...

HAHAHA Karen: he was needy.. hahaha... woa.. this is a interesting article.. about all the good stuff and celebrities in 2008, u must also add an article about all the worst thing in 08!