Friday, December 19, 2008


Hello everyone! My name is Josh Diaz, a little blog-obsessed guy born in Panama City, Panama -a place that will never leave you-. I'm 18' and I just received my high school dipolma yesterday (wooho!). I've done many blogs before and i really wanted to make a new one because I love sharing my stuff with intersting people in the net. A dear friend was the motivation/inspiration for me to continue this trip haha: Ms. Karen Wong a girl in LOVE with fashion industry and sewing, she's my best friend's big sister. Thanks Karen for the motivation with your hot blog!

You'll get everything from my blog. From white to black, sexy to ugly, hot to cold. So expect the unexpected here.
Welcome again to B!tchberry, stay in touch.



Karencilla said...

Oh my!!!
I'm flattered!!! you almost make me cry!

Josh Diaz said...

hahahaha c'mon karen wong!

Rogelioo said...

HAHAHAHA... good luck with ur new blog. it seems like an interesting site... keep going!