Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ok.. What the fuck. MTV's getting me sick with the same type of reality shows. First was 'The Hills' which was good but later on all that crazy-fake drama drove me insane. Then 'Tila Tequila' which was preety fun to see a bisexual fighting to 'find her love' in national TV -yeah right-. Then was Ms. Paris Hilton with her 'My BFF' show which was a total ridiculousness (despite of my love to Paris).
NOW this is ENOUGH!.. Bromance? I mean after Whitney's stupid 'The City' I thought MTV was going to make audicience white flag, but HELL NO!.
Mr. Brody Jenner's on the hunt of a new Bromance 'cuz maybe he's too lonely -RIGHT-. He'll be casting and eliminating guys week after week (Reality Show-type) so.. maybe he'll find the love of his life, I mean BRO.

If there's something WORST on this is that his two bff: Frankie Delgado and Sleazy T are also appearing on the show to help him choosing. I MEAN WTF... IF THEY'RE ALREADY BRODY'S BFF WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING THIS STUPID SHOW?.

Answer: Nothing.
Why?. Because He'll still be the same brainless asshole no matter the money he earn in the show and no matter the """""popularity""""" he'll gain. C'mon MTV, YOU CAN DO BETTER!

Anyway, watch the trailer here: Bromance Trailer.


Karencilla said...

agree agree agree... I had the same reaction the first time i saw the news.

En serio que estupidez... besides he is such an airhead...

hey, te voy a agregar a mi candy box. Por cierto, ya verás con el tiempo que esta vaina de bloggear relaja y te despeja (bueno por lo menos a mi). Have fun, love ya bitch jajajaja

Josh Diaz said...

jaja gracias karen!!!
todavia me falta por hacer, but esto es super desestresante.. love blogging!
muaxxxxxx love ya too!

Lizzay said...

I mean for real...que que QUE?!
creo que no vere television.
mas nunca aw.
por lo menos no realities juju