Friday, October 9, 2009

MUST-HEAR: Shakira 'She Wolf'!

Shakira's new album She Wolf is getting released this week in Latin America and Europe. US has to wait until November (sorry).. But, still.. this album is preety much DIFFERENT from anything Shakira has done before. We're used to see Shakira like a trashy hot rock star who can shake those hips like nobody else but this is a whole new level, a new zone.. electrowolf zone haha. The 1st single 'She Wolf' peaked #11 at the Billboard Hot 100 and it's been a worldwide successful hit. The 2nd single will be 'Did It Again', which i LOVE. It's fuckin different and I love this whole bhangra thing she adds in the "ehh ehhh ehhh ehh" parts. You deff must check it out.

My fave songs are: She Wolf, Did It Again, Men In This Town, Mon Amour and Why Wait. I leave you with 'Did It Again'. Enjoy!

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Daniela Cullen said...

Y es de mi país.. pero este CD no me gustó, cambió totalmente su estilo, estoy de acuerdo con que los artistas tienen que reinventarse para seguir en la industria, pero creo que deberían ser fieles a lo que ha sido su estilo musical.. y este cd para mí no es Shakira. Cómo vas JOsh?? Take Care!! Love ya!