Thursday, October 8, 2009


First of all, THIS IS MY 300TH POST!!! THANKS so much to all my beloved and supportive readers, i love you all. I've just begun having my fun.

Ok.. the main point of this post is a disease i hate but mostly scare: CANCER.
My grandma died from stomach Cancer back in 2003. We were really close so it really affected me a lot. Cancer may affect people at all ages, but the risk for most varieties increases with age. Cancer causes about 13% of all human deaths and there are SO MANY WAYS to treat it but SO MANY WAYS to lose the battle aswell.. It's all about hope and having lots of faith in God.

There's a huge campaign here in Panama for Breast Cancer which is the "most-popular", so there's this cute pink ribbon which represents the whole thing. I pray God everyday so he can take care of my family and friends, but I think that when it's our time to be gone, it is. Sounds raw but it's the true.

Concluding, the last thing i wanna say is BATTLE IT FROM NOW! Don't wait 'til you're 40, because maybe it will be TOO LATE.


CaesarBrutus said...

cancer affect us all... all ages!!! At least 3 friends/ schoolmates had cancer... 2 girls and 1 guy.... The girls survived... He died last year at age 22 :( Cancer go away!!!!

Karencilla said...

Congrats!!!! felicidades biotch por llegar a los 300 posts! =)

keep the good work. viva la blogósfera

Jose Z, "el fulo" said...

Muy interesante el post, pero quiero destacar que en Panamà, si bien hacen una muy buena campaña a favor del cancer, especialmente de seno, en los Estados Unidos, màs especìficamente en la NFL, se lleva a cabo una campaña fenomenal, aqui les dejo unas imagenes para que aprecien lo que estoy diciendo.

Nadia Hearts Music said...

Congrats with post number 300! And I agree on the frustrations about cancer. It's so cool that you remind us about what is important in life. Thanks Josh.

Andrea said...
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MeLisSa said...

Hiii..!Yeiii 300th post! letss partyyy xD, Yeahh I dislike cancer too..! =(.They are selling pink and purple bracelets en un lugar de albrook para apoyar la causa =).