Friday, July 17, 2009

NEW MOON's Brand New Pic!

Ok, for all those Twilighters that are dying to be November 20th (New Moon's Release), here it's a hot brand new pic of the movie. Here it's Bella & Jacob in a somewhat romantic scene, i guess which is (because i read the book) but i can't tell u haha! If you're a Twilighter or LOVE Twilight saga and wanna know hot news, scoops, etc.. you MUST check out A HOT TWILIGHT BLOG which is all mastered by one of my best friends' Daniella Aguilar from Colombia and some friends of her. Thanks Dani, I love you my friend!!
Hope you like it!

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Daniela Cullen said...

Thanks Josh for the publicity!! Muy bueno el video no??, yo casi que no paro de reírme!! Pero si me hubiera pasado a mí... tal vez me hubiera ido para el piso! jajajaj

Espero tu review de HP6!

Take care Josh! Love ya!