Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love or Adaptation?

Many people wonders why relationships ends. First, I think we should completely love ourselves so we can love others. It's all about self-esteem.
Some marriages last FOR SO LONG but it's not always because of the 'LoveMagic' but because the 'LoveVictims' are used to their partners lifestyle.. and i think this is SAD AND WRONG. This ain't no LOVE. This ain't no MAGIC. This is LAME.

I dunno which will be my solution if I get used to my future-partner's lifestyle... mainly if i would be married... and ever worst if have KIDS. I dunno what I would do if don't love that person anymore. Would i suck it up because of my kids, or because of my believes?.. or just cut the 'Adaptation-Bond'?.... It's hard.

What would you do?... Harsh topic!


CaesarBrutus said...

I have noooooooooo idea on what I would do. I've never been in a serious relationship so I don't know what I would do in that situation. I believe that in a relationship there has to be a compromise from both parties. No one has to accomodate and get used to his/hers partner's lifestyle. It's all a matter of understanding, trust and tons of conversation. Of course there has to be love and passion.

P.S: i'm fine my friend. how are you? :)

Daniela Cullen said...

Como decía mi nick hace poco.. don't stay with someone you can live with, find someone you can't live without. Me parece super lame que una persona se quede con otra sólo porque le gusta tener novio/novia o porque odia sentirse sólo, eso es mentirse a sí mismo y jugar con los sentimientos de las demás personas. Es horrible saber que hay personas que traen al mundo niños para retener a sus parejas o que esos niños no son fruto del amor sino de un simple 'momento' de pasión. Aunque a mí me hubiera encantado crecer con un papá a mi lado, no lamento en ningún momento que mi mamá se haya separado de él. Mejor vivir separados y felices que juntos tratando de llevar la fiesta en paz por el bien de los hijos.

Cómo te terminó de ir en tus parciales Josh?? Take care!

Karencilla said...

relationships will always be complicated, because we are humans.

at the end it's all about love, trust me, that thing that the media wants to sell you as the idea of a perfect marriage with hot wives and hot husbands and no problems is 100% bullsh*t. Love my friend, that's the strongest emotion and feeling of all times, if there is true love the bond will last forever.

Daniela Cullen said...

Jajaj sí JOsh! Mucho drama y poca acción.. my least favorite movie of them all.