Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If We Get Cancer...

Cancer is a common deadly illness. Cancer is my fear and others hell. My grandma died from Cancer 5 years ago, and I'm preety sure at least one person you know has died from Cancer.
You have no idea how much i hate Cancer... you really don't know.

I was wondering the other day while I was watching Grey's Anatomy season's fniale, that if someday I get Incurable Cancer and the doctor gives me 2 choices: "Die slow with quimo" or "Die fast with nothing".. I would rather die fast because i couldn't possibly imagine that kind of pain.. If I get Cancer the first thing I would do is pray.. Talk to God, he knows the purpose of everything so I wouldn't complain.

If I get Cancer i would do every little thing I need to do TO DIE HAPPY AND SATISFIED. I don't wanna die frustrated. I would express my unconditional love to all my beloved ones.. My family and friends. The REALLY Closest.

I would do all this things I guess.. I hope to get the bravery it needs. What would YOU do if you get Cancer?.


Michi said...

wow, deep, well i believe that u dont need to get cancer to die happy, weather u were ill or not u should remind ur loved ones how much u love em, and live a happy life :)
if i had cancer, i would be terrified of course, but i think i would try to see it as if it was any other disease, knowing that i would have to fight it so i could get better :)

CaesarBrutus said...

Well I really don't want to think about it. but would try the most to get rid of it with quimo or surgery. if it was a very advanced stage... well it would be as you say. A schoolmate of mine died last year with cancer. he was 22!!

Daniela Cullen said...

Cáncer.. he tenido varias experiencias con él. Primero mi abuelo, él murió de cáncer en los pulmones después de tener un efisema por más de 20 años DEBIDO AL CIGARRILLO, por esa razón yo nunca he tocado uno en mi vida ni deseo hacerlo.

Segundo, una de mis mejores amigas en el colegio y un ejemplo de vida que ni se imaginan, cuando se lo descubrieron (a sólo 20 días de su cumpleaños número 15) ya tenía metástasis, pasó su cumpleaños, navidad y año nuevo en el hospital y estuvo al borde de la muerte; hoy después de 7 operaciones aún vive y lo hace con toda la fuerza de este mundo.

Hace 1 mes se murió una de las hermanas de mi abuela de cáncer en los huesos y hace 2 semanas otra fue diagnosticada con él, mis primos aún no saben si decírselo o no.

El cáncer es una enfermedad inevitable y silenciosa. Si a mí me la descubireran no sé que preferiría, morir sin saber lo que me pasó o vivir cada día preguntándome a qué horas se acabará mi tiempo. Lamentablemente la enfermedada no sólo nos afecta a nosotros sino a toda la familia, amigos, personas queridas. Ojalá algún día se halle una cura.

Melissa..! said...

Hiii,well there's a topic i didnt expect to see, I think that if I have cancer at the beginning I'll be very surprised, almost denying that I have it , then I'll understand the illness and try to be surrounded by the people I love the most and make me happy. Wow..Life is one crazy thing men..!