Monday, June 8, 2009


C'MON! I'm talking about everything.. Tits and Dicks.. LETS BE REAL PEOPLE! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE BIG TITS OK? I don't wanna sound vulgar but I think sometimes, size matters.. Not neccesary in LOVE but when it comes about grooving and having fun it matters, at least to me.

Don't you think you'll be more satisfied if:
GUYS: a.) you get a bigger dick. b.) groove with a smart, big boobs chick
GIRLS: a.) you get bigger boobs b.) groove with a smart, big cock guy
GAYS & LESBIANS: a.) you get bigger boobs and cocks and you know the rest haha.

Don't cha think it will be more fun?... I mean, big tits REALLY turn me very ON hahaha.. Ok i think this note is getting too sexual, so i'm sorry for my devote viewers, i love you all hahaha! :)

What do you think about this "polemic" theme?

NOTE: Don't get me wrong.. i'm not a shallow person, i'm not talking about relationships.. i'm not being serious.. I'm just talking about crazy, fun things.. Not the real ones.. Off course personality is more important because it won't deteriorate. :)


CaesarBrutus said...

hey my friend. this post is very sexual! Don't turn your blog into a porn thing :P hehe
about this topic...size matters if you give importance to size! if you like big things of course size matters. But let's not reduce an individual only by his or her looks and how big the tits or cocks are. by the end of it, what really counts is the personality of the person. But if you just want to have fun how a person is inside isn't important

Anonymous said...

en realidad yo soy de las personas que piensan que el tamaño es 0 importante, no me parece que algo grande sirva de mucho.. tampoco algo super chiquitito yo me conformo con lo promedio de lo promedio, ni muy grande ni muy chiquitito

Anonymous said...


even it's cliché, it always brings controversy...
Eso ocurre si te comparas con cánones establecidos
Si eres o no alto
si tas dotado o no
si tas vaka lechera o no

Al final del día, una vaka lechera, no precisamente será la mejor compañía cuando tes viejo

o un burro no precisamente pagará las cuentas i será buen dad...

Luks, ieahh matter when u r young
but dei are nothin when wrinkles attack!!!

Pd. so sexual the post XD


Melissa said...

Hola..! Bueno en verdad yo cuando he estado enamorada realmente de una persona lo ultimo en que me fijaba era en eso, creo que como usualmente pasa tengo la mente en otras cosas =) jejeje. Pero buenoo cada aspecto del cuerpo es importante. Para que uno pueda estar comodo con la persona que ama. Al final y al cabo hay que considerar que tiene que haber un balance de buen aspecto interno y externo, no crees?
Different post =)

Berts! said...

jajaja es half important!
depende de lo q kierass de esa persona...
if u wanna have fun.. big things aree sooo good... but if u want something cute&pussy&sweet&serious=D it really doesn't matter!
i care about other things like how does he make me feel!

P.D. SO.. A R D I D O este post

Daniela Cullen said...

Personality is more important 'cause it won't deteriorate.. THAT IS AN AWESOME THING TO SAY!!!

MIs amigos dicen que... what your hands can't hold it's a waste.. sooo....

La verdad yo no miro eso... what turns me on are the eyes... for me nothing is better than a searing look... looks can kill and they can do.. other things.

Y mirando las cosas a futuro.. así como decía uno de los anon un "burro" no te garantiza un buen padre o una persona fiel.. un buen rato.. quizás, lo mismo con una "vaca lechera", ¿¿quien te dice que cuando estés viejo no te va a cambiar por un Hugh Hefner?? **uy que asco**

Jjajaja JOsh... what triggered this?? **please not the brazilian video hahahah**

Anonymous said...

En vdd las tetas grandes realmente naturales se kaen .. diske a los 26 años una vaina asii .. en vdd es askeroso .. mejor dejame con mis limonoss .. i x ciertooo para k xit kieres un pipi grandee si btw si en vdd no lo sabee usar suckeaa ..
haha x ende el tamaño no importaaa . .. punto i finaal ..