Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blow Ya Horn!!

I got this INCREDIBLE idea with my immagination!! Today my family and I were so late and (as usual) my mom was the missing one. My dad was SO furious and started blowing the car's horn.. i just imagined HOW COOL would be if every single car get this amazing new technology horn that instead of just blowing it, you could talk.
That would be so fucking useful.. if you're wife is delaying, you just hit the horn and speak "HURRY UP, WOMAN!!" HAHAHA it would be so hilarious..

Don't you think it will be a better society with that included?..
Can you imagine the traffic? OMG! Like i can iagine all this crazy motherfuckers sayng "MOVE BITCH", "COULD U GO FASTER GRANDMA?", "FUCK YOU FUCKIN SLOW RIDER, SHIT" HAHAHAH.. I get so stressed with slow riders thugh :)

If i'm a future president of my country i will make this crazy and beautiful law :).. PEACE!

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Daniela Cullen said...

jajajaja excelente... y eso que en Panamá el tráfico no es cosa brava.. el día que te enfrentes a un traffic jam de Bogotá... ese día sí escucharás MUEVE TU CULO ABUELITA!!! JAJAJA deberías venir Josh!! I miss you!