Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MY REVIEW 'Tranformers: Revenge Of Fallen'

Transformers: Revenge of Fallen is absolutely the type of movie i wouldn't watch.. but this time it totally prove me wrong. I loved it. First, I wanna start saying that Mr. Shia Labeouf has earned his actual position on Hollywood haha, i can remember his old day on 'Even Stevens' crab and now look at him, KUDOS!.. Second, my favorites roles were Ramon Rodriguez (Leo) and Julie White (Shia's Mom) they were absolutely HILARIOUS both.. excellent job!! Third, I'm officially IN LOVE with effing Megan Fox... one word: INFERNO-HOT! GOSHHHHHH, She's not the best actrees but she's too damn hot.. those lips melted me!

Anyway, i really liked the movie. The special effects were insane and the soundtrack was really cool too, some jams included were Green Day '21 Guns', The Fray 'Never Say Never' and off course the newly epic 'New Divide' by Linkin Park.

I give this movie 4.5 STARS because at the end i almost got sick of so many war and shit.. It took too much to get to the point. GO AND WATCH IT.. YOU HAVE TO! :)


Michi said...

hey pop up! I totally agree with u, this movie rocked!!! wanna see it again and again and again xD

CaesarBrutus said...

that movie premieres tomorrow here in POrtugal.

Daniela Cullen said...

A mí me encantó, aunque la primera me pareció mejor, dejaron varios cabos sueltos ¿Qué pasó con el capitán Simmons? Y con los divinos gemelos, se los comió el destroyer?? Totally agree con el soundtrack, me encantó, la canción que dieron después de la de Linkin al final me pareció genial pero no pude saber cuál era. Me dsio mucha risa el grito de niñita de Shia y Leo definitivamente hilarious. Que asssscoo la tanga de Simmons!! Y bumblebee.. LO AMO!!



Daniela Cullen said...

jaja la canción qu eme gustó fue 21 guns jajaja

JRVII said...

i thought it was amazing, you're right with the TOO-MUCH-WAR action though..i feel it reaches out to more than just one public(kids), i think every single parent or older person(above 40's) would totally enjoy it, it's funny, lots of action, PLOT, like devoloping a story we didn't know and, it's just a nice movie i would give it 5 but since you gave it 4.5 ima say 4.5:)
best regards jose vallejos