Monday, June 22, 2009

Chris Brown Pleads GUILTY!

Chris Brown pleaded GUILTY to assalt, all related with the Rihanna thing.
The plea bergain deal include:
-5 years of formal probation.
-180 days of community labor.
-Stay-away order with Rihanna. 50 yards (at least) of each other.

Finally this shit is 'done'.


RosazuL said...
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Liz Moreno said...

hahaha very good!! chris you look so dumb right now...
stop being an animal, nezt time am gonna teach rihanna by myself some techniques so she could hit you with a pair of 15cm of jimmy choo's..
now go on and take a bow!

=) hahhaha estoy loca, tequieroo josh!!

Daniela Cullen said...

Bien hecho, se lo merecía por perro, los hombres qu ele pegan a las mujeres.. uy, se les deberían caer las manos. ACABO DE LLEGAR DE VER TRANSFORMERS! ONE WORD: FANTASTIC.

Anonymous said...

whaat?? 5 years probation?! u fukin kidding mee? i cant believe thats what they're going to give him.. wow .. now i know how little does women assault means to people.. that's why we will always live in a male dominated world.

shame on rihanna too. after chris beated the crap out of her. she still was going out with him and making up and shit.. when r we women going to learn? seriously wake up.. a man who hits a girl first he DOES NOT loves you, and second he is not a man anymore he is a coward.