Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Wrong Message.

What happens when the message you're spreading is the right one, but in a wrong direction?
I'm talking about religion.. Catholicism specifically.
I just came from watching 'Angels & Demons', and before you start to judge me let me tell you that i think i already have the right criteria to not let those movies change my faith or believes.

All i can say is that there's, in fact, something 100% right."Religion is flawed because man is flawed".. A quote said by Cardinal Strauss.And it's true.. that's exactly why i think we shouldn't believe in images, other humans (called 'Saints'), etc. I RESPECT THEM, BUT I DON'T ADORE THEM. God is the only one who deserves my adoration, because he is my father, creator and saviour.
That's all i needed to say.. If you're about to see 'Angels & Demons', be confident about your believes. Religion is a delicate topic so i'm trying to be partially open minded with every single point of view.


berts said...

Tienes razon...
muchas cosas son mal interpretadas.. ay muchas formas d tener una buena comunicacion con Dios.

Anonymous said...

I agree with u.

"God is the only one who deserves my adoration, because he wis my father, creator and saviour.
That's all i needed to say.."

You're what You do.

Great post.

Karencilla said...

I watched Da Vinci Code and despite the stupid argument of the whole story, i still think that as a movie it wasn't that good.

It is what it is, a movie, although I feel it is disrespectful. God deserves all our praise and respect. These books and movies, even though they are all fiction, they are PURE CRAP.

About the other stuff.. josh. I am so glad you are clear about saints. They were humans and they died: they can't talk, they can't hear, they can't feel. God is a living god. He is everywhere.

Daniela Cullen said...

A mi me gustó muuucho la película y es verdad lo que dijiste, la religión y todo lo que ha creado el hombre falla por eso mismo, porque nadie es perfecto y si lo fuéramos, en donde está la gracia de las cosas? La religión siempre es un tema delicado, cada quién cree en lo que quiere creer

CaesarBrutus said...

I understand your point of view. and really agree. Religion, God, and so on... is something very positive. The problem is the way men portray the religion. Sadly throughout history, many were the priests, popes, etc that did not do God's words, and all they did was execute their personal agenda! Hello... inquisition!!? I really don't think God would want us to persecute and torture and kill those that question the religion. That is why there was the rupture with Henry VIII, building a new church, with no image adoration, closer to GOD! Roman Catholicism is more based on men's words than GOD's intentions.

Anonymous said...

Hola Bueno yo tambien ayer vi la pelicula, Me encanto,En verdad no estoy muy de acuerdo con esto de los Santos , pero es un mundo libre, y todo mundo tiene derecho a creer en lo que desee.Solo sé que Dios existe y todos los dias hay algo que lo termina de probar
luff yaaa

*patsy* said...

a mi me gusto la pelicula, y yo creo en Dios, osea no por eso voy a dejar d creer. =)