Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Monkey-Fetish!

Hello guys, it's been rainy all over here and i'm kinda bored with not so much to do! Since i was a little boy i'm in love with monkeys (but not real ones, just cuddly toys) haha because i think the real ones would strangulate me!!
They're extremely funny and it's amazing to see an animal with so many human feautres.. Perhaps I DO NOT SUPPORT that scientific shit that says that we came from monkeys.. I believe God created Men, Women, Animals and... Monkeys, too. All separated :)
Aren't they cute and fun!?


Anonymous said...

I agree too!
I love monkeys they are so funny and cute sometimes. UHAuHAuHAu

i'm monkey too !! rsrs
See ya ...


Anonymous said...

Hii men =), I like orangutanes jaajajja, esque son tiernos xD, pero no siento que me vayan a extrangular, si no mas como que me van a dar un abrazo xD.
Esta lluvia esta buena para hechar un sueñito !
Que estes biennn