Thursday, May 7, 2009

White Lies!

Let's start with the fact that EVERYBODY LIES. I was wondering the other day that maybe not all lies are bad. Sometime we deceive others with the nicest purpose. There are moments to lie, i mean.. personally, i'm a very direct/honest person, but there are situations in time that deserve a lie. A lie could save us. A lie could change everything, aswell as the truth. Let's go deep: If your grandma, which has terminal skin cancer, ask you about the state of her hidious red skin along with the big scars.. She ask you specifically: "Son, how's my skin doing?.. Is it that horrible?".. What would you say?.. "No grandma, it's doing fine" just to please her and make her feel fine.. or.. "It's absolutely abnormal grandma, i hope it gets better though".. What would be the best answer? I keep my answer to myself. But it's hard, isnt it?

We all have an Inner Pinnochio, like it or not. But it's not always a bad thing guys. Still, we should provoke honesty til the last boundarie possible. It's hard to always be right, straight with our believes; but there are times we should just do the right thing, and a lie could be included.

Maybe i'm wrong, i dunno.. but this is my point of view. What do you think about 'White Lying'?


ImpossiblePrince said...

Thanks you're blog 2 ;)

Yiskay said...

we are all a little Pinocchio ... sometimes we lied, definitely ... but it does not always do it consciously ... lying is one of the qualities of human beings ... so we are as complete

I also liked your blog ... interesting posts :)

CaesarBrutus said...

I don't lie.... I'm perfect! lol. Just joking. little white lies ok... but the other types of lies just damage us. I hate being lied to, I HATE IT! the real big harmfull lies are always discovered. White lies can be tolerated, but let's try to be honest

James Derry'l said...

Lying is A Part of life! Lol
For me, if I Benefit from it w/o actually hurting someone... Im happy!

Berts! said...

i think everyone says little white lies!

Anonymous said...

i remembered of a retro song xD, well what can I say, I like to be honest too , but I have said white lies specially to my mom ahahah, but it doesnt make any harm. If I do bigger lies I would have a guilty conscience!

Daniela Cullen said...

White lies... hmmm everyone tells one once in a while, sometimes they are meant to be nothing, just to try to hide a something that could hurt the other, but sometimes that little white lies end up being a chain of lies that never end and hurt more than one could have ever imagined...sooo it's better to tell the truth no matter what is the reason or the situation.

ohh Josh!!! Que mal lo de la gripe porcina en Panamá!! Aquí yo ya ni quiero ver las noticias para no saber que tragedias pasan... pero sigo con una gripa de los demonios atrapada en mi casa ... viendo la peli de Hannah Montana.. jajaja cuídate Josh!! TQM!!

patsy :) said...

las mentiras son malas.
no me digas mentiras , ni blancas
ni de ningun color josh diazz!!!!