Thursday, May 7, 2009


3OH!3 is an american rap/electronic/trash band that's having a massive success with their latest single 'Don't Trust Me' (currently #9 in Billboard Hot 100). When i first heard that song, i fell in love with them inmediatly.. They're an inspiration because they're remarkable, eccentric and original. There's no need to copy anyone, when you're really talented.. and i LOVE them to express that with their music. The members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte debuted their music in 2007, and aswell as their music, their friendship is unique. Their music began to spread in 2007 in some live shows, and national festivals such as Bamboozle Left.

This energetic band could be the breakthrough band of 2009. Their major laberl debut album 'Want' was released last year and their single 'Don't Trust Me' topped the charts early january and it's still burning discos and iPods haha. Their new single is 'Starstrukk' and the music video will be released next month..

Check out the next tracks: Don't Trust Me, Starstrukk, Standing Around, Punkbitch, Richman and I Can't Do It Alone. :) I leave you with the music video of their smash hit 'Don't Trust Me'. Thanks to Lil Vendreys for their reference! See ya.


Anonymous said...

that video was so funny x),somehow they remind me a little of "the ting tings"
luff yaa

Anonymous said...

me gusto la canción y el man que tiene el bigote me recuerda mucho a Freddie Mercury. cheers

Anonymous said...

I loved it this music ...
You send to me, and very funny!!!!

Great post!


Nadia Hearts Music said...

They are so much fun. I bet this will be a hit just because of the video, brillz!