Monday, May 11, 2009

NO To Procrastination!

Hello guys, I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was preety cool, went to my friend's bday party, Tihany Spectacular circus/show and shopping with the family. Meanwhile...I'm a total ANTI-PROCRASTINATION FREAK. I hate people who, in their ordinary living, love to follow this horrendous activity. Procrastination is the act of postponing, delaying or just putting off something in specific because of laziness or carelessness. Many people say that this is a psychological issue, which is created by some anxiety in our nerves. I'm preety sure we've all procrastinated at least ONCE in our life.. but what about doing it constantly? That's a HUGE NO NO!

If there's something I hate doing, is cleaning others shit.. If you poop, then clean it by yourself. I'm sorry if i'm being a little graphic haha but it's just something I can't handle. I dislike unrisponsible people. If you're committed to something then be man/woman enough to deal with it. Don't leave/quit it.. COPE WITH IT ALL!
What do you think about this singular topic, not that commercial as my usual monday posts, but intersting as itself?


CaesarBrutus said...

Hey. I see you had an amazing weekend. I don't like to procrastinate.... hehe. I tend to do things quickly so they can go away. xD

My weekend was crappy... bad!! Might be losing a great friend (don't know why)... etc etc. Glad to know you had a better weekend than I did :)

Anonymous said...

Hiii joshh, my weekend was good, with a little of struggle, but hey what are days without a little of it xD,well i have to admit I tend to procrastinate things that improve my health, I always go back and forth with that, But I feel Im getting better. And thats about it, everything else is fine xD.
have a good weekend..!

Michi said...

Its a huge No No, but i tend to do it XD
But Never when Im working in group, because I know its important to be respectful and fair with others , if they work as much as one does, they should deserve the same treatment :)
I liked this topic, not ur usual, like u said! But Its cool! talk more bout these sort of things :D