Friday, May 29, 2009

Lady Gaga 'Paparazzi' EPIC MUSIC VIDEO!

I'm still in shock with this video. It's been the best production of this year and i should give it a STANDING OVATION for the immaculate creativity! If this video doesn't win this year's VMA's i will be so pissed off.
There's fashion, sexual and murder. Enjoy this mini-film! :)


CaesarBrutus said...

hey my friend. you need to post another video of paparazzi because the one you posted is no longer available. That is why i hate youtube!!! always deleting things. How Are you?? here it's very hot and sunny :) TAKE CARE and thank you so much for your visits on my blog :) Have a great weekend

CaesarBrutus said...

Hey my friend. on my post of GaGa's video you have the link to download the video on zshare. Then you just add the video on your post :)

Nomad said...

Lady Gaga reminds me of Christina Aguilera, minus the washed-up-diva vibe

CaesarBrutus said...

Glad to know it worked :)