Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Be A Bitch!

I just found some tips on the internet about how important is not let people be powerful over you.. how to not get manipulated when YOU can be the manipulator. You, and only YOU, have the control of your life so here are some tips that may help you to stop being the one being mocked or manipulated.. This one was originally written only for women, but i'm modifying it for both sexes. Thanks to Hoyden About Town for the source.

-Have opinions of your own.
-Bonus points for disagreeing with a woman/man.
-Consider your comfort before your attractiveness to the hypothetical female/male when getting dressed or undressed.
-Be sexy when you want to; not because it’s obligatory.
-Consider your words as of equivalent value to those of a man/woman.
-Notice sexism. Say something about it.
-Require more from them than that they not rape you in order to consider them “nice people.”
-Don’t give out cookies for minimum standards of decency: expect more.
-Expect an orgasm for yourself from sexual encounters as the default.
-Be willing to take matters into your own hands.

-If you're a girl: slap a bitch when the moment is appropiate. But if you're a guy: make them horny and then just leave.
-Don’t feel guilty or sorry for failing to conform to someone else’s idea of how you should perform gender.
-Don’t apologize, if it's not neccesary.
-When it’s appropriate for someone to shut the fuck up, do let them know.

I hope this has been a helpful guide for those pursuing bitchiness. Don't forget about these ok? See ya bitches :)


Anonymous said...

ehhh :D muy bien? :D

Bertss! said...

muy instructiva tu guia amor...!
jajaja thx x los consejitosss!
lets become a bitch! xD loll

Michi said...

XD this was so funny, ure so u loke , i guess those are the steps XD i wouldnt know, n you?

CaesarBrutus said...

I don't want to be a bitch. I'm a very nice boy :) but that was hilarious :)

"If you're a girl: slap a bitch when the moment is appropiate. But if you're a guy: make them horny and then just leave."
I like this one hehe. I'm fine. and you? how are you? very hot day today :)

Anonymous said...

Hiii, well those are very very usefull in my daily life..!
But Im not bitchy, Im in the middle of good and bad with very little tiny slights to bad ahaha.

-patsy!* said...

graciass por los tips josh!
los aplicare a diario!
i'm a bitch and u too.
(K) luv ya!

Anonymous said...

cul cul josh!
keep goin!
u have talent
u know it
u r a bitch

in da gud sense...
CDT pelao

ana kriz said...

Control of

hahaa ame tu manual instructivoo para ser como tu !