Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, tonight perfomances weren't that promising but there was two in particular that blowed my mind! Tonight the contestants performed two songs: judges choice/contestant choice. You may be surprised with my favorite performance of the night.

Kris Allen 'Heartless' (Contestant Choice)
This was totally unexpected and i'm sure it surprised lots of people. He sang The Fray's version of Kanye's 'Heartless' but honestly he nailed it like 170279297297207292 way better than the previous versions. He just killed it. I'm in love with this whole uniqueness, fearlessness, bohemian style he brings on stage.

Adam Lambert 'Cryin'(Contestant Choice)
I liked it but it was too much of the same. He's been my favorite for weeks but now I think he's tied with Kris. He'll deff record a rock album and he will have so much success. Still, 'Mad World' is his best perfomance and I think it's almost unreachable.

Kris Allen 'Apologize' (Judges Choice: Randy & Kara)
This is one of my fave songs ever and Kris made me feel goosebumps for the very first time after 'Ain't No Sunshine'. Sweet and emotional vocals. It was hilarious how Simon snapped Kara about the song choice haha.

Danny Gokey HAS to leave tomorrow. He should have been gone last week, Allison would have done so much better in here, but it is what it is. Stay tuned tomorrow, Katy Perry will perform her last hit 'Waking Up In Vegas' and Jordin Sparks her amazing new single 'Battlefield'. Don't miss it! :) Check it out tomorrow live here on: www.justin.tv/chicagocam (code: ai) @8pm here in Panama City.
Remember the finale is next week. There will be surprise performances, i'm so excited about it. It's forbidden to miss it! Who do you think will win this shit?

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Joey said...

SPOT ON! SPOT ON! I agree with you 100%!!! *crosses fingers*