Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perfectionism VS Mediocrity!

I love talking about this topic. People misunderstand the essence of it and it shoudln't be done. Perfectionism is a belief that work or output that is anything less than perfect is unacceptable. This doesn’t mean a perfectionist person gotta believe he/she is God or something, just that we (I include myself in this group) need to give the best of us and showing it in the best way possible. Some people think this is a mental illnes because we put too much pressure on ourselves. It must be a controlled perfectionism off course. Excess of everything is terrible. Maybe the most correct thing isn't perfectionism but being straight right.

In the other hand, Mediocrity is a middle state or degree, like being moderate into something. Not giving your best because of different factors: laziness, low self-esteem or lack of inspiration. What about being someone we want to be but you can’t? Maybe we’re not focusing and fighting enough for it. Nothing comes easily; everything deserves an amount of worth so it wouldn’t be in vain.

Fight for your dreams, don’t get stucked… and if you do, don’t give up. That’s mediocre.

Which group do you belong to?


Mar said...

No soy un perfeccionista pero soy muy exigente conmigo misma...
I try to always be perfect for other people...
Big kiss,

Anonymous said...

Holaa =), uuu bueno yo tengo que decir que a veces caigo en eso, del perfeccionismo but hey, we just wanna do it the best way ;),pero weno he tratado de tener moderation with a couple of things,Eso si, siempre sigamos nuestros sueños...! Ellos nos impulsan a mucho mas =).
Luff ya

Anonymous said...

pienso que una persona puede ser mediocre en algunas cosas y perfeccionista en otras, no creo que alguien trate de llegar a la perfeccion en algo que simple y sencillamente no le interesa, pero esa persona puede ser increiblemente exigente consigo misma si se tratan de otras cosas como los estudios o el trabajoo siemplemente tu hobby, todo depende de nuestras metas y lo que hacemos para llegar a ellas

Karencilla said...

Definitely i'm not in the mediocrity side. But it's normal to jump to that side at least one time in our lives.. we are humans..

It's all about balance my friend. Too much perfectionism and you can screw it up.. i mean like really screw it up, too much mediocrity and you are done.