Friday, April 17, 2009

Movie's You've Cried

I'm a huge fan of every kind of movies: comedy, drama, thriller, action, kids. I just love when the mixed feelings and emotions comes across the screen and we feel identified or just excited with a scene or scenes in particular.. Those moments are epic to me.
Some movies that i've cried already haha (i'm such a baby) are:
Titanic: when the old Kate Winslet dies after she threw her jewel.
Marley & Me: obviosuly when Marley dies because of his age.. :'( i cried so much in that part haha.
Benjamin Bottom: I don't know why i cried in this one. It happened when Cate Blanchett was hugging baby Benjamin and he dies.. I thought it was absolutely bizarre and unfair. Hahaha i can see i only cry when people/animals dies, i'm so against dying (like its not a natural thing tho haha).

Some friends have cried, too:
Berta Roman: She cried in Will Smith's 'Seven Pounds', 'He's Not That Into You' and 'Titanic'.
Arles Pinzon: He cried in 'Marley & Me'.
Louis Albert: He cried in 'Marley & Me', TOO hahaha everybody cried in this fuckin movie! It was so beautiful.

Thanks for your opinions and well.. I know many people cried ni 'The Notebook', too haha. I also wanna know in which movies you've cried too, my dear readers!! :)
Can't wait to see ur answers haha!


Berts! said...

como olvidar the notebook ...
sonn muchass las movies que nos han hecho llorar!!

Anonymous said...

Marley & I

I cried a lot, each beautiful scene did not take my eyes, very funny, the growth of the family, like most, because he is a writer and lives of their inspirations, and when marley became this very reason, the film was more interesting but it's good how you should care for.


Anonymous said...

yo no llore pero se me aguaron los ojos en brokeback mountain, cuando el man abre el ropero y esta la camisa del man colada en una puerta con una foto de la montaña y el la agarra..

ArleS said...

hahaha when I first saw the trailers of marley & me I was thinking that the movie was going to be hilarious, for my surprise at the middle of the movie, the story change in a 180° way.. and at the end, I was like so fucking sad 'cause marley dies =(.
Damn!.. :(
BTW Josh check out an comming movie's trailer hahaha guess what.. TITANIC 2 it's comming all I'm gonna say is:
Dicaprio + Sci-Fic + Ice + Future

Josh Diaz said...

jajaajajajajaa Arles im sorry but its Titanic its not happening xD eventho the fake trailer was amazing!! :P

Anonymous said...

I AM SAM was the last movie that made me cry as a baby. It has a great story about father trying to keep her daughter by his side but everybody around is trying to prevent that. I recommend this movie.

Anonymous said...

umm somehow its hard for me to cry with movies,but here is my list xd
1.Shakespare in love
2.Moulin Rouge
3.The Lake House
=) they were the besttt

Blankita said...

Ai Josh! if i tell u the truth .. i just cried on Titanic, cuz i haven't seen the other ones..!
actually im not addicted to movies, so thats why i havent cried that much!

te quiero muchooo mi amorrr!Mua

Liz Moreno said...

hahah omg!!!..everyone love the beautiful Marley!! pude evitar llorar en esta pelicula. totalmente adorable! I told you my darling, puedo dejar de llorar cuando veo E.T..that little and cute extrange queria q se fuera a su planeta...ok, tmbn llore en The Little Princess, una pelicula muy hermosa y bn oldie tmbn. Voy a postiar cuando recuerde otras haha
me encantoo este notee!! :)
saludos para todos los llorones!

Josh Diaz said...

hahaahahah the little princess is such a classic!! gracias x sus comments, se les quiere!

Areywings said...

Yo lloré en Godzilla jajaja tenia 10 años xDDDDDDD

BB!! said...

man hay una q se llama diske a walk to remember!!! xuso me hizo llorar como nunk!! tienes q verla jajajaja