Thursday, April 16, 2009

MEET: the401drummer

This guy is amazing.. I introduce you the401drummer. He's an incredible youtube star which covers pop hits ('Right Round', 'Just Dance', 'Kill the Lights', Like This', etc.) and turn them into rock, i totally think he's the new Travis Baker haha, he's amazing. Check out his channel @ youtube:

Meanwhile, i leave you guys with an amazing cover of Lady Gaga's #1 hit: 'Poker Face'.. I loved it. NOTE: Before you start listening to it, try to be objective so you don't find the song weird haha. :) See ya.


Meli! said...

hiii :),took me some time to post but I was like arreglating xD,omg now I love moree kill the lightsss, in a part sounds lik e one of paramore's songs xD.
luff yaa
byee :)

rogeR said...

TA bn cooll... jajaja voy a ver otros de sus videos pa ve!

Areywings said...

Me gusta! tienes buen oido!! ^^

CaesarBrutus said...

His cover from Britney's Kill The Lights is much better! hehe. I think it sounds even better than the original. This cover here is so cool, Lady Gaga rocking!!! xD

Josh Diaz said...

hahaha yeah man.. i liked kill the lights too! :)it is better than the original haha!