Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lady Gaga Mania!

Hey guys, hope ur enjoying your weekend. Yesterday, I hung out with some of my bff to Bennigans and had a great time!
There's a woman, a lady...specifically, that's making a rebellion all over the world with her music and style. She already got a solid fanbase and two #1 hits in her pocket. Almost EVERYBODY I know loves her.
Her futuristic style (musically and physically) has been a magnet for other artists to imitate including: Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Ciara.
I'm absolutely positive that almost all of you, my beloved readers, couldn't help to sing along with the 'Just Dance', 'Poker Face', 'Love Game' or 'Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)' tunes!

Now, it's your turn to blog! Describe Lady Gaga in 3 words. Here are some of my friend's opinions.
'Revolutionary.Creative.Addictive' by: Arles Pinzón
'Original.Sexy.Outgoing' by: Liz Moreno
'Awesome.Lesbian.Artist' by: Enmanuel 'Fishy' Martinez
'Mami.Sexy.Talented' by: Berta Román
'Sexy.Racy.Different' by: Ana 'Cookie' Raven

In the other hand, in the next couple of days two amazing artists are COMING BACK with new first singles in years! Eminem with 'We Made You' and Green Day with 'Know Your Enemy'. Stay tuned!


Louis Albert said...

Owwww, ...

Thanks for visit, I'm so glad ...
Then, I'm from brazil, I dont know If u understand about my Blog, Its pomas that i write 'bout my life.

Lady gaga is Amazing ..
I Love her and her music ..
Make me crazy all the time ...

Hugs ...
I see ya

Roberto said...

What? It's basicly impossible to describe this music-booster-female-singer-mania in only 3 eFFing words!
Haha.. Well, here's my best shot:
PS: You know I HAD to comment on this specific post! xD

rogeR said...

HAHAHA... my 3 words that describes Lady GAGA the best are:

Patsyy!!! said...

Lady Gaga es cul♥
i love her so fuckin much!
poker face joshhhhh!!!!!!!

Meli said...

Well I'm going to do my best shot :)
Sexy.Innovative.Music Icon
there u goo
(8)justtt danceeee..its gonna be alrighttt xd

Josh Diaz said...

hahaha see guys?
almost everyone loves her!

Vita said...

me encantaria afiliarme! a ver si asi me lee mas gentecilla :P
Yo te pongo ya en mis links, vale?
1 besito!