Monday, April 6, 2009

Humanity Improvement!

Hello! I'll make a short post becuz I dont feel THE INSPIRATION today but I still wanna blog (i'm kinda addicted). I spent the whole day editing a video for my Sociology final project, and I hope it goes well!

I wanna talk a little bit about how cool is to see that humanity is improving with this whole eternal discrimination theme. I'm talking specifically about, American Idol's finalist, Scott McIntyre. We all know he's a blind man but the truth is that, although he's not winning this competition cuz it's already bought for Adam Lambert... YEAH, THANK YOU! hahaha, when he sings we totally forget that he's a blind man.. and It's amazing how he has developed his other 4 senses in such an incredible way, and he seems to be such a great clean human being. I'm really proud of humanity becuz there's a huge support along with him, and there's no discrimination AT ALL. Thank you so much for changing the world into a better place (no matter if it's one step at a time).


Anonymous said...

hellouuu :), yeahh its good to see positive changes in the world, I'm not used to watching news, but I could see how the united states are trying to have a conversation with Turquia ( no se como se escribe en ingles xd). Pues si,there's always a way ;). gooo adammm wuuu <3 xd

Anonymous said...

What can i said,
This could be the best things to do ... may be.

Like you said: "One step a time"

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