Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I ♥ Chocolates!

C'mon guys.. You can't tell you haven't eat chocolates without having an internal orgasm!
They're the best help for stress, heartbreaks and idiotic feelings. And whoever invented the bizarre fake myth that chocolates produces pimples is a total freak, because it's already comfirmed by dermatologists that this is not the cause of them. Some main pimples casues are: puberty, hormones, stress and seborrhea (which is a sking disorder produced by greasy skin).

My very favorite chocolates are The Cookies and Cream HERSHEYS... Wow, they produce me an epic orgasm that nothing else can make hahahaha. They're insanely delicious.
:) Which is your favorite chocolate?
I can't wait to see your answer!! See ya later!


Karencilla said...

Cadbury's hazelnut, Ferrero Rocher, Raisinets... do chocolate chip cookies count???

Louis Albert said...

I love it all choc the world ...
Hauhauhaua ...!!!!!

If you gimme some one, I'll be só happy!!!! hauahuah

see ya!!!

BB! said...

si man los chocolates son los mejores!! lastima q no puedo comerlos!!
btw: man tu te acuerdas cuando yo te regale uno, xuso parecias un animal!! jajajajaja

Josh Diaz said...

JAJAJAJAJAJA BB FUCK YOU! en vd gracias xD taba bn weno ese chocolate jajajaj muax

Meli! said...

umm my favorite one i'll have to say
Carbury's Dairy Milk and
Hershey's Dark Chocolate
love themmm, I almost buy one today..but i was so latee for my class xd

ArleS said...

AHAHAAHAHAHAHA LOL con lo del "Chocolate" xD dsd específicament lo dl chocolate cookies&cream
mori d risa XD

Berts! said...

bb no puedoo decirteee cuantoooooooo me gustaa el chocolate btw...mori con "epic orgasm" muyy funny!

cuandoo te veaa te regalaree unoo =D jajaj muahhh!

Nadia Hearts Music said...

Chocolate 4-ever

Liz Moreno said...

my guilty pleasure!!! chocolatee...desearia uno ahora mismo