Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I just finished watching American Idol live on: www.justin.tv/chicagocam and i was amazed with tonight's performances. The theme was: 'Idol at Movies' and Mr. Quentin Tarantino helped the contestants with the development of the songs. I wasn't so excited with tonight's performances. But here it goes my top of the pops haha.

#1 Of The Night:
Adam Lambert 'Born To Be Wild' & Allison Iraheta 'Don't Want To Miss a Thing'
Once again Adam's my favorite. He's TOO MUCH for this competition, he's already a star. Although it wasn't as legendary as 'Mad World' he pulled crazy vocals, screaming and rockish body language. SUPER EPIC!
Allison performed one of my favorites Aerosmith songs ever, and she nailed it great. She has spirit and I totally agree with the judges that she's the only girl's hope.. and i'm willing to see her in the final.

#2 Of The Night:
Kris Allen 'Falling Slowly'
What an amazing vocals. I so hope he gets into the final 3, because he's so talented and he had this amazing connection with people. I loved his performance. Randy is on drugs.. he didn't like it, but my baby, Kara, said it was his best moment so far.

#3 Of The Night:
Anoop Desai 'Everything I Do'
He's deff going to the top 5. I repeat, i hated him haha, but he's improving so much. Crazy, flawless and clean vocals. I also agree with the judge that he got this unique connection with the heart, so true!

I don't know what's wrong with Matt Giraud =/ i really liked him, but he's going down. His performance of 'To Really Love A Woman' wasn't that great and i'm sick of his Justin Timberlake copycat.

Danny Gokey performed 'Endless Love'.. great vocals and great harp accompainment. He did a good job, without glasses for the 1st time, but he's such a divo. I'm getting tired of his cockyness.

Lil Rounds sucked a lot, again. She performed 'The Rose' along with a new longer wig, she looked a little hot but her performance was burnt. She's SO leaving tomorrow. I totally agree with Simon that she's not the artist they thought she was.. and then she provocked a very 'The Hills' drama moment haha.

The one leaving tomorrow: Lil Rounds off course. Stay tuned. Tomorrow performances by Miley Cyrus & Jennifer Hudson! See ya :)


ArleS said...

Lil when she began was like so damn pro! and now... well I'm guessing she's the one that's going to go back home tomorrow!
I 100% agreed with you with Adam Lambert, he's the next evolution of the Rock music... He's the one that's gonna make me buy his album!.

My Top:
Adam, Danny, Allison!

The Dreamer said...

Lil TIENEEEE que salir es ya!! ella hace semanas que empezó a suckear!! me hubiese gustado que la sacaran antes que a Megan.. que Megan al menos era divertida!!!

Kris y Matt van pa fuera.. en las próximas semanas.. boring ppl.

Adam CABREA con ese poco de gritos.. definitivamente el man parecía el artista invitado de la noche pero pudre con esos gritos.. abusa de eso.. y da dolor de cabeza. esa onda como que no es para todo elmundo definitivamente!

Allison RULZ!!! es mi favoritaAA.. n o me gustó mucho la canción, o sea su interpretación pero lo hizo super bien como siempre y obviamente ella llegará a la final!! tiene mucho potencial y voz y está trabajando su actitud.

Danny.. está bien pero no tengo mucho que decir de el.

Ana Kriz said...

Io no veo estoo Josuee .. pro cumplo mi responsabilidad como amiga !
luv yu !

Anonymous said...

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I dont know what happening this program, but is interessant ... rsrs

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Josh Diaz said...

Thanks so much for your opinions people! I love reading them :)