Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fray 'Never Say Never' & Katy Perry's 'Waking Up In Vegas' Music Videos

Here it's The Fray's 2nd single 'Never Say Never' form their sophomore studio album 'The Fray'. It's such a beautiful song and video. Enjoy!

In the other hand, here's Katy Perry's 5th single of her succesful debut album 'One Of The Boys'. This great video was directed by Joseph Kahn.


CaesarBrutus said...

i love both videos. Never Say Never is such a beautiful song. Waking Up In Vegas is very funny. Love katy

Anonymous said...

hiii,the fray video i liked ittt, although the scenario was very sad, they were like in the middle of a war , a very chaotic place, y el de katy perry como siempre genuine =)