Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just finished watching American Idol and I'm preety flattered by tonight's perfromances. The theme was a little boring indeed, Rat Pack Standards, but the guys made a great show though! Mr. Jamie Fox was the mentor this week and he was preety in love with Kris and Adam.

#1 Of The Night:
Adam Lambert 'Feeling Good'
This song is AMAZING. Originally recorded by Michael Bublé. First i gotta say i loved his white suit haha, it's very original and only someone like Adam Lambert would nailed it like that. His performance was preety theatrical, as Randy said, but it was impecable.. and i'm still speechless about his entrance. OMG! Adam > Everyone else.

#2 Of The Night:
Kris Allen 'The Way You Look Tonight'
Immaculate vocals and harmony. It's preety funny to see him singing with a suit on, but he did a great job. His best performance to date, but after 'Ain't No Sunshine'... for me. 'Ain't No Sunshine' is unreachable haha. It was worth of all the superlatives!!

#3 Of The Night:
Allison Iraheta 'Someone To Watch Over Me'
First, HAPPY BDAY ALLISON!. She's 17 now, what a better way to celebrate it on stage. This performance was one of my very faves of her, she looked so stunning. She showed her crazy vocal range tonight, so sick!! She won't win because: 1st. Adam will. 2nd. She have a small fanbase.

Danny Gokey was so great, he perfomed 'Come Rain Or Come Shine'! I hate his personality, but tonight he sang like he didnt in weeks. His ending was immaculate, great job! Matt Giraud wasn't as lucky. He performed 'My Funny Valentine' and started very nervous. I think he's trying to hide his third eye. Although, we all saw his commitment with the jazz music.

TOMORROW, someone's going home and Taylor Hicks/Jamie Foxx will perform. Stay tuned!! :)
P.S. I don't have any prediction, because they're all good.. but being objective with tonight's performances, Matt should leave.

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CaesarBrutus said...

i'm not an AI fan... about Britney's bonus tracks i agree with you. Jive should have put them instead of mmm papi, lace and leather etc.. Amnesia and Quicksand should have been part of the regular album version. About her tour... it seems she won't be coming to Portugal as well. I've never seen a concert of hers.. i live in an island... only if she came here hehe