Monday, January 12, 2009


Long time no post. Yesterday I came back from the beach and it was a nice/familiar weekend!
I'll post something that I really want to share, something that just bothers me a lot.

Yesterday after coming back from a good friend's crib, other friends called me to get some drinks here in my place like at 1am, and I agreed. We were cool watching The Simpsons when I realized (...vomiting, yeah) that I went too far with my drinks. My friends helped me and leave. Later, while I was -still- throwing up like an idiotic in my bathroom I felt so miserable, stupid and immature. I realized, feeling that horrible sensation through my veins, that it's such a wrong, masochistic and stupid activity to do. It's not about not drinking, but about taking control of yourself. But this morning while I was trying to sleep, figuring out a way to avoid my pain, I made a promise to God & myself: to not drink anymore. I know it will be, in fact, a huge rollercoaster to fight against with, but I really don't want a third one (this shit has happened twice). So wish me luck, I'll try my best.. I don't want to be the next Amy Winehouse, plus my liver is a sacred organ, too.. and I don't want to lose it. I think that I must start reducing unnecesarry vibes, activities or actions that decrease my spirit. I know I can do so much better.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I'm starting college. YEAH! So, I'll give my personal review of my first day in it. I feel excited but nervous, too. I still can't believe I'm outta school but wish me luck!
See ya soon!


Michi said...

que te puedo decir? debemos vivir nuestras propias resacas!
sucks a lot, but im glad u learned the lesson =)
i hope u stay true to ur conviction, i know u can do it=)

Josh Diaz said...

thanks michi!
love ya =)

meli said...

Hiii dude =) , oh men...I hope you feel better tomorrow and do a good job at collegue =) . Its not an easy task to avoid those vicios, but you know your friends are gonna be there to ayudarte and have fun in a healthy way.
tamos creciendoo joshhh!! jajajaja
loveee yaaa veryy muchhh
se nos paso ddr xD

Mariana said...

OUCH! All I can say is: shit happens! I wish you the best of luck with your promise. Its the smartest thing anyone could do. Good luck in your first day tommorrow as well! I guess I'll be seeing you next week!

J said...

Man en verdad tienes razón aw...a mi solo me paso una vez esa baina y pa la bajada...Fue mas de lo que me contaron de lo que me acuerdo...y osea cool desinhibirse un POCO pero diske ...saber tiempo de cuando PARAR y cuando no esuchar a los demas...el momento que uno queda mareado ..yA...Pero chuso es verdad lo que dicen "as long as you pay for your sins, they really don't count" así que ...borrachera = resaca dude haha ley de la naturaleza... hasta carma diria yo..xD pero bueno...chain reaction I guess..XD y bueno tu promesa fue con Dios también así que cojela serio bro...Cha cuidese y lo vere x ahí.

Juanjo =] said...

Cha josh enverdad eso es fokop, pero bueno tu resolución fue con Dios así ke juega vivo y presta atención, una cosas es desinhibirse un poco y otra quedar todo shitfaced vomitando y tuvo que pasar solo una vez para que captara el mensaje de tomar=shitfaced haha al punto que quedo mareado..y PARO así me ten ofreciendo vodka (<3)... so bueno nos tamos viendo x ahí bro mucho juiciooh!!